By First Blog

Well, allow me to introduce myself on my first blog post!
My name is Laura Jane.
I decided that I wanted to create a blog a few years ago. I decided, ok I need to get a good camera so I can capture images to make my words come together with an attractive image.. I STILL haven’t gotten this camera! I may have come across a few battery operated cheap and cheerful ones.. I’d love a really good one where I could do some good editing! Hopefully soon I’ll get one.. I have no idea where to begin looking for one though.. I would love a waterproof one! And a big black one that takes great quality pictures.. Like the ones serious tourists wear around their necks!!
Anyway! Besides from the fact I don’t have a great camera, I still decided to go ahead and create the blog. At least I can work on the writing.
What I basically want this blog to be is a storyline of my year. I always want to live life to the full. I have a feeling that this is the year where I will begin an adventure. My commitment level with the Internet may be a slight issue as I’m not online every day.. But I’m sure to be on once a week anyway!
You may be surprised with the broad range of topics I will discuss across the blog. Just wait and see J
The coming up with the name of the blog was a big thing.. Couldn’t think of ANYTHING!! With a bit of help of a few colleagues, family and friends, I decided to go with LorJor & The Jigsaw. LorJor was a nickname I was christened with in secondary school and the jig saw then represents my life! It also came from the cover photo..  But it all comes together well. Hopefully some day the jigsaw will be completed, when I’m old and grey and happy.
So lets go on this adventure together! I hope you enjoy glimpsing into my life every now and then!
Peace out for now!
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