Crochet Creator!

Growing up in Primary school in Ballygown NS, I enjoyed learning how to knit and crochet. It has stayed with me since. My older sister also learned in school and she still keeps it up too. She displays her work on her Facebook page on Crochet Creations check it out!!

I tend to work on individual projects, one at a time. I do mostly crochet. My latest project that is now completed, was a granny square blanket. I decided on the colors to be all the same in the blanket. I figured out a way to keep 80 squares together while I’m doing each row. Instead of doing a square at a time, i did the each row individually on all 80 squares to easily keep them together. I kept them together on a sting of wool!- I hope this helps anyone planning on doing a large blankie!!

So first of all, I created the first round of all 80 squares.

Then I got some bright-colored wool in Neon Pink to keep all the squares together. The brighter the wool sting the better, as when you get to the outer rows its hard to see the string keeping the lot together!

I made one whole square so I would remember what pattern I was going to do.
Yellow Row
Pink Row

I then did each square row by row.

Blue Row
Wine Row

Then the dreaded sewing in of the stings…

 80 squares complete!!!

I then joined all the squares together (took a while) and then a border around the edge…and here’s the finished result!

I was so proud of myself for completing the whole thing! It took a few months as I don’t do crochet every day. It’s quite large and it kept me warm while i was doing it! I have decided to try to sell it. I went to a craft fair with my sisters stall but no joy selling my one.. It’s still on the market if anyone is interested!! :)
Let me know if this Post helped you!
My next project is a granny square blanket again but multi-colored with black trimming! watch this space for the finished result!
Bye for now!!
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