Snappy Happy

Well, I was always slightly holding off setting up my blog because I didn’t have a great camera for image quality.. well, it was just another excuse really!

I finally started looking into it recently and had enough money saved up to get something good!!

I (with the help of my partner) decided to go for Sony. I was torn between Canon and Sony. But we went with my gut on this one and just called into the Sony Store in Cork City and tried to haggle with them (got about €30 off)! I got a memory card and a case to go with it in there.

I got the Cyber-Shot DSC-HX20V. It has a 18.2 mega pixel and 20x optical zoom.

Its not too big, but not too small either. It has a good groove in it for your hand to hold comfortably! The flash pops up, its so cute :)

This was the first picture I took with it. A lovely bunch of roses for Valentines <3

I went to see a concert recently with my baby sister, and took the camera with me. I couldn’t get over the zoom and the image quality and we weren’t that close to the stage! Any guess who we went to see?! ;)

Playing around with the camera I discovered it takes 3D images too! but they can only be displayed on a 3D TV or any other 3D device..

So I started looking into different photoshops and editors online.. a lot were fairly expensive. I always wanted to use Instagram. Its an application you can use on smart phone to vamp up the photos. I tried to download it onto the laptop but it didn’t work. Wish I had a smart phone :(
But then I discovered a really cool FREE photo editor called Pixlr! so be prepared from now on to see some lovely photos on here :)

So far I’m very happy with my purchase! So hopefully there’ll be alot more interesting photo’s to follow!! :)

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