Maureen O’ Hara Photoshoot!

I was approached to impersonate a very important Irish figure and role model, Maureen O’ Hara.
Sarah Horgan a reporter for the Evening Echo mailed me asking me was I interested in doing the shoot and an interview. I was thrilled to be considered for the part and jumped at the chance!

I met Neil Danton, Andrea Murphy, Caroline O’ Connell, Natasha Crowley, and Sarah Horgan in Neil (the Photographer) Studio.

Neil is a fantastic photographer. I found my experience with him a very positive one. He’s on Facebook and has his own blog

Andrea Murphy is a make up artist, you can see her work here. She uses Airbrush makeup! This was my second experience of being airbrushed on.  It feels just like light air hitting your face when it goes on its kinda refreshing!! :)

Caroline O’ Connor is a freelance hair stylist! Her work is lovely and she is very talented with hair!!

Natasha Crowley is a fashion stylist for Opera Lane in Cork City. And Sarah as I mentioned above works for the Evening Echo.

The feature was on three pages including the front cover of the Wow! supplement in the Echo. I was delighted with the way it all turned out :)

And finally some pictures!

From The Paper

Front Cover Picture
Some of the article can be read online Here

And My Two Favorite Pictures from Neil

 They are now in my portfolio!
I had a fantastic time doing this shoot and it proved to be very successful. I’m very happy and would like to thank the whole team for their support!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the photo’s!
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