Saying Goodbye To Home

Many of you may already know that I have embarked on a new exciting adventure with my partner Alan. We decided our plan just over a year ago when I was finishing up in college. The plan was to get a job as soon as possible and start saving as much as possible. This also meant that we had to cut back on nights out, eating out, trips away, shopping; a few to say the least.
Even though it was tough at times, saying no to friends and trends, we stuck to our guns and the plan worked out perfectly.
In January 2013 we booked our flights. This was the first big stepping stone and it finally started to feel real. The months after we planned what we’d do, where we would stay.. it was all becoming almost too exciting!
I learned lots about myself in the months prior to our departure. I learned that I’m very attached to home. The fact that I wont be able to visit home for a very long time frightens me and I never thought it would.. It really is the one thing I’ll miss the most. The people who know me probably think I’m being crazy right now because my home is a mad house! Before I left I visited as much as possible and I made sure Skype was set up and ready to use.
My job working in a call centre wasn’t the most exciting job in the world. It all became quite dull one month before leaving. I became consumed with our trip and I just wanted to leave as soon as possible. That being said, I became lazy and worked as little as possible as I was more focussed on leaving!
My job was good in the way that I was able to save money and I appreciated that. I also recieved a lovely send off from my colleagues and even got a poem presented to me with cake, cards and lots of treats! It made me feel appreciated for all the hard work I put in over the year I was working there, and I loved being recognized for that. Thank you to everyone involved!
Alan and I hosted a going away party the weekend before we left. We invited family and close friends. It was difficult to say goodbye to the majority of people there but I feel I handled it better that I had imagined I would!
The day finally came, the 3rd of June, the day we took our first flight. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my Mom and Dad at the security gate. The part I was dreading the most.
So, a year Visa for Australia is what we have. We will be stopping off in Singapore and Bali before reaching ‘the land down under’. I cant think of anyone better other than Alan to be doing this with.
As Alan said “Its not really goodbye, it’s see ya later!” :)
Maggie, LJ,  Eily, Andrea, Mom and Neill
My Sister Rachie and Me
Alan and his Aunt Edel
Me and Two of my Brothers, Pa and Neill
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