Hair Tip #1 – Oily Hair

OK, so we all have those days where we left our hair go unwashed one day too long. Its completely gone past the point of disguising the oil by tying it up or by using dry shampoo..

Do you ever notice when you then go to wash you hair, the shampoo wont lather up? And it feels like a chore even attempting to do so?
I have the answer you’ve been looking for! 
Many people have been previously advised when washing hair that adding more water instead of shampoo will help the lather increase leading to a great hair-wash… lets be honest, this NEVER really works!!
It all leads down to simple chemistry (yes, so simple even I can explain!).
Oil detracts water. For example: If you rub olive oil on your hand and then pour water over it, the water does not reach your skin because the oil is blocking the water (detracting it). The only way to get rid of the oil is by using soap. Soaps and shampoo have similarities in that they are both forms of detergent. Detergent tackles the oil: It is the detergent that breaks down oils, dirt, grime, grease and similar substances.
So this theory applies to your hair!

The next time you have one of those days, this is what you need to do to tackle your locks
1. comb your hair. this action activates oil through your sebaceous glands.. we want to get rid of as much oil as possible for that super clean feeling!
2. Next start rubbing your favourite shampoo directly onto the roots of your DRY hair- no water needed yet! By doing this you are directly targeting the grease with the detergent (shampoo) which will break it down before you start using water!
3. Keep rubbing in the shampoo for 5-10mins covering all areas
4. Now use water! Pop your head under the water and lather as much as you can.
5. Rinse and shampoo your hair once more as normal. Continue your regular regime.
I guarantee that your hair will be squeaky clean after you try this out!

And we’ll all be looking like this! :)
Let me know how you get on tying out this method and let me know if you want me to discuss any other hair issues that are boggeling you at the moment!! :)

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