Megan Murray – Vintage Hunter


Megan hails from the lands of Cork City, Ireland but is currently scouting the roads of Australia. Rummaging through the fabulous vintage and bargain rails, Megan has the majestic eye for picking out a diamond in the rough.

When I first met Megan, I was amazed with her style. I’m so glad I got to put together some of her most adored outfits and fabulous finds.

megan 4

In the first picture Megan wears a Lavender dress which she found in “Retrostar Vintage” sale in Melbourne for Just $5! These sales happen every now and then if you would like to have a rummage for yourself keep in touch here.

In the second picture Megan wears a white Cotton On dress she picked up for $7. Looks casual but you can still dress it up! Loving the yellow hat borrowed from a friend.Megan 2

Beautiful retro hair was done at a vintage fashion show she was in last year. The red and blue dress is a vintage dress her sister got for her in Enable Ireland charity shop for €11. Bottom Left: Megan is pictured with her mother Dolores and her sister Elaine.

Megan Outfit 1

Tartan Dress and shoes all bought at the RetroStar Vintage Warehouse for $5 each. Megan pulls off the look well! She wore this to a Thrift Shop Themed Party!

megan 6

Look at those Legs!! Love this dress on Megan!!! She got this one at a fashion show, it’s from Turquoise Flamingo for €25!!

megan 5

Marilyn Monroe eat your heart out! One of Megan’s famous $5 finds in a Charity Shop! Beautiful! :)

megan 3

Top Left: Blue Metallic Dress for €20 in Turquoise Flamingo. Bottom Left: Vintage hairstyle done by moi! And on the right we have Megan’s Debs Dress!! Here she is wearing it to a Masquerade Ball, handmade! Very Unique

!photo 3-1

Check out this Shnazzy Playsuit!!!  Tiger encrusted all in one!  From the Lost and Found Vintage Market for $20, there’s a leather belt around high waist to make it more slouchy and that was $16. $7 studded bag from Target at $15 studded shoes from Rubies.

So there we have it! Some oldies and some newbies. A rare flair for the vintage/charity shop find. Just shows we can get cheap and fashionable! Megan is always picking up $5 bargains everywhere she goes! There’ll be much more posts about her so if you like her stay tuned!! :D

Peace Out

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PS. Megan <3’s Harry Potter 4ever