Hair Tip #2 – Split Ends

Split ends :(

Split ends :(

It is true, the only way to avoid split ends is regular trimming.

Most of us avoid this. We always leave it go too long, especially if we want our lovely locks to grow! So it’s when we spot split ends on every single hair, we then decide to bite the bullet and get it cut. We then visit the hair salon where the hairdresser cuts off more than discussed. We are angry and upset now, its way shorter, we were trying to let it grow. Never going back to the hairdresser again!… and then the circle starts all over again.

Even though we are raging at the hairdresser, they were only trying to help! Hairdressers want you to leave the salon with healthy looking hair. they will always say to come back in 6-8 weeks time, and then were thinking yeah right never coming back here you scissors happy LIFE-RUINER!!! 

I only asked for a TRIM!! :(

I only asked for a TRIM!! :(

A hairdresser will always see the damage your hair is in even if you leave it go uncut anytime longer than 12 weeks. They will then, more often than not, take off more than that half an inch (like discussed). However, the mistake many of us make is that we don’t go back again before 8 weeks. If we did, we would all see that the hairdresser will only take off the smallest- teeniest amount to keep those split ends away…

In this day in age, all of us may not be able to afford/ have time to go to the hairdresser every 6-8weeks to avoid this situation from happening. We can try to prevent split ends from happening if we look after our hair in the correct way. It is essential to use correct shampoo and conditioner, a treatment once a week and a leave in treatment and/or oil. Many hair products claim to cure split ends, don’t believe them. They may seal the split end for a little while after washing, but their still there! Unfortunately the only way is to snip them all off!

People have different ways of cutting the split ends off themselves. Here is a way my mother thought me years ago!

  1. Grab a scissors. Hair scissors and normal scissors are very different. Try to get a hair scissors if you can, if you can’t try a thin scissors like a nail scissors.
  2. Start twisting a small section of your hair. When you twist your hair the split ends pop out!
  3. Cut those feckers off!!!
  4. Start twisting and snipping all around!
See how they just pop out, then cut them off :)

See how they just pop out, then cut them off :)

This method can be time-consuming but there is something very satisfactory about it! It’s not going to get every split but its going to help at least. Focus on the front as this is where the hair is usually most damaged. Unfortunately the hair does not split in the one area on the shaft, there can be multiple splits up along… if this is the case,

Pixie Cut for you!! 

Hope everyone is keeping well and that you are enjoying what you are reading:)

Until the next time,

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