No Poo People


I would love to know what you thought when you read the title of this post.

When I first came across “No Poo” I thought it was something to do with, well- Poo! Maybe something to do with constipation?

Nah, completely wrong!

No Poo means No SHAMpoo haha :)
I recently came across some articles, groups and blogs of No Poo updates, progress and methods! The whole thing baffles me!

No Poo-ing means cutting out shampoo so that natural oils coat the hair for shine and nourishment. It takes a good few months for it to regulate, eventually you don’t have to wash your hair just rinse it with water and its cleaned. Madness!!

Fair enough, people don’t like using chemicals and like to go organic.. but no shampoo? I would prefer to use more natural ingredients as I know certain ingredients may be harmful for us. But no conditioner either?

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be able for it, being a hairdresser and all. What do these people do when they go to a hairdresser and they shampoo their hair, do they have to start all over again? I know it’s not good to be washing hair every single day and I tell anyone who does they need to cut back to once or twice a week. So maybe I’m ‘Less-Poo Pro” haha :)

It’s really interesting to read about. It also seems to be ALOT cheaper than paying for hair products! There seem to be so many success stories  out there and people saying they’d never go back to poo!


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Have a look , here are a few links to look into it a little further for yourself. Who knows, you might be converted!!

Enjoy! Let me know if you get inspired by all this!


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