Singapore June 2013

I got the Travel Bug!!

Wanderlust! :D

I embarked on my traveling journey in June 2013, by stopping off in Singapore for three days.

The flight from London to Singapore took around 13 hours. This is the longest flight I have ever been on. I couldn’t sleep so I was wrecked when we arrived!

Changi Airport was very nice. Loads of shopping and fine dining here! The guys checking our passports were making us look in all different directions, I don’t know were they having a laugh or what?

Boy, was it hot here!! Singapore is located around 85miles north of the equator! We were absolutely roasted! It didn’t help that we were carrying around our heavy jackets for Australia’s winter.. Coming from such a different climate at home and the difference in time, needless to say we were cranky and getting sick!

We stayed in a hostel in the heart of Little India called the Inn Crowd. This hostel was relatively clean and well run. Our room was tiny. Bunk beds and a locker and a few holes in the wall for a plug or two! We were grateful for the air conditioning.. but after we realised it was crap air conditioning! It was so noisy, it kept us awake all night and it didn’t keep us cool enough! The price of the room was good in comparison to other places in Singapore which were completely overpriced!! Thanks for looking after us Inn Crowd folks! :)


In Singapore they have very strict laws, if you break a law there are some severe punishments! The death penalty is still in place here. Chewing gum is forbidden. Homosexuality is forbidden. Spitting and littering are forbidden. Not many people smoked, and if they had to, they smoked right next to the rubbish bin. You’d get punished if you didn’t flush a public toilet!

Everybody had a form of technology in their hand! Everyone was on their phone’s or tablets, they are obsessed!

I’ve been raving about the public transport in Singapore, the MRT is amazing! It is so so simple to use and cheap too!! It got us from place to place quickly.

In the heat, people went around using umbrellas to keep the suns harmful rays off their skin! It was also handy to have the umbrella up as the weather was very unpredictable there, we got stuck in one hell of a thunder storm!! :)

In the three days we spent one whole day on Orchard Road. This is where all the amazing shopping is! Literally EVERY shop you can think of!! I Bought a cute bag by Charles & Keith! We found a ‘Retro Car’ Car-Boot Sale in one of the many many multi-story shopping centers.

We also took a visit to Marina Bay, Clarke Quay, China Town and the famous Sky Deck! Check out some photos and amazing views from the Sky Deck!

We also got a chance to go to the cinema while we were there. It was the comfiest cinema I’d ever been to! We saw The Hangover 3, the crowd in the cinema made it very funny as they were laughing at the silliest things! :)

‘Big Slurps’ were our best friend! A HUGE drink from the store next door, kept us cool :) THank you to whoever invented this!!

Our first adventure was fantastic. Our feet were walked off us!! I’m not sure would I go back to Singapore as the heat and humidity was uncomfortable.. But who knows! :)

Lots of Love


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