New Phone!

Hey Everyone!!

I finally upgraded my Nokia C3 to the new iPhone 5s Gold!!



I saved little by little to buy it outright but I think its worth every penny! I felt like I was a child again on Christmas morning when it came, my heart was pounding!! Literally weak!! I ordered it the day it was released, but for some reason the Gold took so long to come into stock. I waited for almost four weeks to get it directly from Apple. I have been on it non stop since I got it. I’m Addicted!! It’s a lame excuse for not being on my blog in a while but I’m literally on my phone all the time, I barely go near the laptop anymore! However, I’m going to make more of an effort with keeping up to date with the blog for the new year.

Follow me! ;) I’m now on all the social networking things! I get updates on the phone straight away!! Follow me on Instagram (ljorahilly), it’s the new big one for me, Love it! I’m also on Twitter (lorjor_x), Snapchat (ljorahilly), Tumblr (ljorahilly), Pinterest (xlorjor), and WeHeartIt (ljorahilly), just to name a few!! Dont forget to “Like” my Facebook page Anything But Marzipan too :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and got absolutely Spoilt Rotten!! 2013 was my first Christmas away from home! It was strange going for a walk in the heat and seeing everyone out sunbathing! A great experience but I still missed my family terribly, especially Mothers cooking!!

Love you all! :)