The Griffith Life


I was missing for a while. I had no access to internet in my new place in Griffith, but I’m all back up and running again! I’ll finally be able to keep my new years resolution with more frequent posts!

So here I am, in Griffith, NSW, Australia. It’s unbelievable to think Griffith considers itself a city, it’s really just like a built up town. Comparing it to Melbourne, its teenie!

But why Griffith?! Well, if I would like to stay in Australia an extra 12months, I need to complete in total 88 days of regional work. Griffiths post code is 2680 so it qualifies. I’m currently working on a nursery. I will elaborate on the work I do in a different blog post. It’s great work I can assure you ;)

I miss Melbourne. I was recommended to write a post on why Melbourne is the most livable city in the world, but at the time, I hadn’t ever lived in any other cities to compare! This “city” Griffith couldn’t be more different! Living the low life doesn’t help. My partner and I have made a pact to not go out and be boring while were here, just so we can make a killing with savings and be able to enjoy a month of traveling.

I’m living in a house in the suburb called Collina. I live with another australian couple who advertised the room on And then they happened to know my Irish friends living here too! Small town. Everybody knows everyone! Ive been working with other backpackers who have lived in the working hostels in the area, which there are many. The hostels seem to be a rip off here! Theres one hostel that has share houses, charges each person $150 per week, 12 people in a house, 4 people in a room (tiny rooms).. its not an ideal situation. Sure enough the hostel will find you a job, but they also take a cut of your wages? I think its a bit much really. Since we rather the lavish lifestyle we have always tried to be independent to find our own place and jobs.. it works out better for us, but I suppose everyone has their own ways of doing things..

Griffith is an Italian town, so there are many italian restaurants. YUM! haven’t tried many yet.. but difinately will get around to all of them before our time is done here! There are loads of winery’s around here too!

Before we left Melbourne we bought a car. Its a small Daewoo Lanos, it’s ideal as it gets us from A to B! hopefully it will last us a few months anyway.

Im not sure if I’ll ever get used to the dust tornados, tumbleweeds and well, the extreme heat, but hopefully this experience will be all worth it in the end.

I’ll Keep You Updated On All The Exciting Activities I Do Here!!! ;)