Mohawk Upstyle

I Love Hair. It’s as simple as that. Its one thing I’m truly passionate about.

Here I present to you my beautiful model Jeanne! I created a funky peacock inspired up style with braids on both sides, swept up into the mohawk created by curling and texturising the hair and pinning it into different directions.

The peacock look wouldn’t be complete without some peacock feathers and voila! Jeanne is transformed.



What do you think?! Is this a style you would wear on a night out or maybe to a fancy dress?

My favorite styles to create are textured, messy up styles. Im not in favor of neat, tidy or glued into the head, although on some occasions it is appropriate and I do like to experiment.

I’m always on the look out for new styles to experiment with so if you want me to do one you’ve seen, I can try and possibly do a hair tutorial. I’m also looking for models to try new styles with so if your interested and your free leave me a comment below.

Have a Good Hair Day! haha