Where Have I Been Hiding?

Hey Everyone!

I know, I’ve been awfully quiet lately. I writing a little update to keep track of where I am these days.

After my East Coast Road Trip I went back to Melbourne for three weeks. I called into my old job to say hello and they wanted to know if I was sticking around, and if I was I could get my old job back! They were going to get onto me with hours – but they never did! It was all a bit strange!

Anywho, since nothing was happening in Melbourne, my partner and I decided to make a big move to regional Victoria. We made this brave decision to try and do what we did in Griffith- work and save as much as possible. It was a huge risk going somewhere where we didn’t know anyone, had nowhere to live and no jobs lined up! Luckily for me, I found the cutest little salon in Banella where I got full time hours. Banella is only two hours away from Melbourne so we were near our favorite city. I was working in the heart of the town and getting along really well with the locals. Unfortunately three weeks passed here and we couldn’t find a reasonably priced place to live (think city rental prices), and Alan would have been offered a few jobs if he wasn’t on a working holiday visa. One evening we decided to see if we could work something out in Melbourne- scrap our savings plan and try to enjoy our time here in Australia! In the space of a few hours, we had jobs for the both of us lined up for two weeks and a place to stay for the next 6-10 weeks with friends. That goes to show that connections with people in specific places does really really help in times of need!

We packed up the car again and made our way back to Melbourne. I was working two jobs, one with Alan in his job from last year and Sundays and Mondays in the Brighton store of my previous job. I still hadn’t heard if I was going to be getting full-time hours in my old job again so I decided to look elsewhere for jobs across Melbourne. Of course once my old boss caught wind that I was looking elsewhere , she didn’t hesitate to give me full-time hours working across Brighton, St. Kilda and South Yarra again!

As you can see, it’s not always plain sailing while traveling. When we came back from Banella we had spent all our money trying to live normally and make it work. We are almost on track again. We have a place to live sorted out up until October. After that, who knows where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing!

July was a very difficult month. Going through these big moves, the car almost dying and being completely broke were the least of my worries. Australia is so far away from home. It’s such an awful feeling being so far away from my family and it breaks my heart not being there in times of need. I thought about things happening at home while I’m away and hoped everything and everyone would be fine but I guess nothing is ever that easy. Homesick sums up my July.. needless to say I’m looking forward to going home to Ireland next year. But while I’m here I’ll try to make the most of Australia because it’s the only chance I’ll get.

On a lighter note, I have some great news to share! There is a fantastic site called Really Melbourne which is a city guide to living and whats going on around Melbourne. I’m delighted to announce that I will be blogging my experiences as a tourist on this site from now on. I aim to go to as many events as cheaply as possible and I’ll be writing all about it over there, so look out for me spreading my city knowledge! It is a fantastic opportunity and I’m so happy to jump on board while I’m living in Melbourne!!

Well, now I’m up to date. I don’t have many plans in the pipeline for the next few months as such. I’ll be doing more hair care posts in the next few weeks so they should be worth a read!

Until Next Time,