Recent Make-Up Looks

I’ve been seriously thinking about getting into make up. I love doing make up on myself and I’ve done it on other women’s faces and get great enjoyment out of it.

Recently I’ve been a model for two Melbourne based make up artists. I like to give up my time for these types of things because
a) I like getting my face done
b) I get great tips and tricks from other make up artists that I may have never figured out myself and
c) why not!

Look Number 1- Make Up By Roxie




This look was done for me by Roxie before I went to see Lady GaGa in the Rod Laver in August. Roxie works full-time as the make up artist in Hairhouse Warehouse Brighton but also does freelance work for special occasions. She has done training with Napoleon Perdis and is fantastic at contouring and enhancing your greatest features. You can get in touch with Roxie, and see the rest of her fabulous portfolio through her Facebook page. In the photos above she gave me an exaggerated winged eye which I loved and was perfect for the occasion I was going to.

Look Number 2- Make Up By Morgan




This look was created by Morgan in Red Peacock which is located in Port Melbourne. Morgan is a fully qualified hairdresser and is training to be a make up artist. Bodyography is the brand of make up used in this salon. This look was focusing on the smokey eye, a look which is commonly sought among women for all types of occasions. Morgan is going to make a fantastic make up artist as she already has a natural flare for making one look pretty!

As I mentioned above, I would love to do make up professionally myself. Watch this space!

Lots of Love,



photos were taken and edited on iPhone 5s and are owned by Laura Jane O’Rahilly.