Hair Tip #4- Parabens

It is becoming increasingly popular to be avoiding ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, and silicone in cosmetics. Have you ever stopped to think and wonder why these ingredients can be so harmful to our bodies?


In this post I’m going to educate you (as simply as possible) with all the information I know about parabens.

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are added into ingredients to help preserve the shelf life of a product. They prevent bacterial production such as mould or fungi from growing and spoiling the product.

Why Should Parabens Be Avoided?

In recent studies it has been noted that parabens may be absorbed through our skin and has been linked to tumors, breast cancer and poor endocrine system production.

How Can I Recognize Parabens In My Cosmetics Ingredients List?

Parabens are very easy to recognize. Anything ending in -paraben is most definitely a harmful paraben.

These are the most commonly used parabens:

  • methyparaben (E218)
  • ethylparaben (E214)
  • propylparaben (E216) 
  • butylparaben
  • heptylparaben (E209)
  • isobutylparaben
  • isopropylparaben
  • benzylparaben

They are most commonly found in general cosmetics i.e. shampoos, moisturizer, sun block, toothpaste, makeup – to name only a few.

Underarm deodorant with parabens has been a recent topic of concern. There is no proof as of yet, but hopefully more information will arise about the connection with deodorant and breast cancer.

I See Paraben In Almost All of My Cosmetics, What Can I Do?

Avoiding parabens may prove to be quite expensive. If you have decided to go 100% paraben-free you’re more than likely going to have to throw away the majority of your every day cosmetics and fork out the extra cash for paraben-free products. It is best to get products in small packaging because without the use of parabens- your products will have a shorter life-spam and may go off quickly.

Look out for products that clearly state on the front packaging that they are paraben-free. Many brands are aware that consumers are being more cautious of what they are buying these days, so many of them have created ranges that are more natural and have less harsh ingredients. Hurrah!

That Seems Like Too Much Effort.

Snap put of that attitude! I hear this awful pessimistic phrase much to often. Parabens play absolutely no benefit to human health whatsoever. It is better for your overall health to avoid these harmful ingredients in your day to day life. Don’t let it come to you getting your first mammogram be your wake up call, act now and live a more reassuring life.


People say cancer to happen to anyone. Everyone knows the story of someone who has never smoked a cigarette once in their life and have been diagnosed and riddled with lung cancer. Cancer is scary like that, but why take a chance? We should all try our best to look after our bodies as best as possible and by doing these little things, and making these little changes day by day can definitely help us both mentally and physically.

I created this blog to share my opinions and help others learn about what I research. I research and read a lot of topics and gather the important information to deliver it as simply as possible to my readers. I love spreading knowledge of what I learn for my own and everyone’s benefit. Making the information accessible and understandable is my main priority.

I hope that reading my little Paraben post has helped you discover a new way to look after yourself, or even find some motivation to get up and be proactive about what you use on your body! Just so you’re aware- this post is listed under “Hair Tips” because these ingredients are found in hair products, but also in everyday cosmetics.

If you have any extra information to give that I haven’t covered here, I’m always welcome to suggestions and comments below. Don’t be shy!! :)

Until Next Time 


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