A Constant Struggle with Adult Acne

This is a topic I never cover but I feel I need to take action and share my experiences with the world.
As a teenager I took my skin for granted. I don’t mean to sound vain – I honestly had the best skin ever..! I thought I had escaped acne, but just as I was coming onto the clear zone BOOM!.. Pizza face.


I reckon I messed it all up for myself! I take full responsibility for messing around with hormones and different contraception. I’ve now decided to give my body a break from everything and hope for the best.

While hoping for the best,(no I didn’t find out I’m pregnant!) I found out that hormones can take months and months to regulate, its been six months now and my skin is still not improving!

I began facial steaming for a while and that really helped! I would see spots come out and after a few days my skin was clearer. I did this once a week for about 8 weeks but then I fell out of my routine and kept forgetting to do it!

I gave up soft drinks after this and saw that my skin wasn’t getting any worse, I wasn’t getting as many bulging sore ones anymore but I still had acne on my cheeks, chin and jaw line. I’m getting very concerned about scarring and try not to irritate my condition too much.

I wash my face with a gentle sulphate free cleanser using my hands (soon to be changed) every morning and evening. I keep that regular. I wear full on make-up every day that may not be allowing my skin to breathe so its time to make a change!

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For Christmas I received a Hydrasonic Dermal Cleanser as a gift from my boss (I’m over the moon!)- This is a facial cleaning brush, some of you may have heard of the Clarisonic? It’s very similar. I’ve only started using it on the 1st of January and I’ll review it in about four weeks time to let you all know how its going! I’m going to get back into a steaming regime (I’ll create a reminder on my phone), and I’m going to take evening primrose oil. The next four months I’ll be back in Griffith and working in a winery where no make-up is common practice among the women so I’ll be embracing that in all my natural glory!

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Hopefully the next time I touch on this topic I’ll have a full review of my new Hydrasonic and some before and after photos. I’ll be looking into more steaming and natural remedies and I’ll be very excited to share all my news with you!!

Lots of Love,




Maybe you’ve suffered and struggled with this condition for years? If you have any tips to help me or my readers, feel free to share in the comments below.