Visit: Clyde Park Vineyard

Overlooking the Moorabool Valley, Clyde Park offers magnificent views and award-winning food and wine.

I made a trip in this direction with a few good friends from Melbourne. We were strongly recommended to come to Clyde Park for lunch. The location was very easy to find, you can see signs off the Midland Highway.

My first impression was mixed. The dirt road entrance and make-shift road signs leading to a large tin shed wasn’t what I was expecting, but as we approached closer to this “tin shed” (which turned out to be the bistro) I was promptly persuaded otherwise.

By now the entrance is making sense as it is all part of the low maintenance (yet highly maintained) vibe. As we walked in we were greeted immediately by wooden fold up chairs and table, floating lights, flowers within cages, wine barrels, lanterns, wood fire oven, and the Australian flag flying high in the sky; my immediate thought was that this place was screaming Wedding Venue!

After a good ten minutes of taking in the scenery we went inside to the dining area, and its as big on the inside as it looks outside! Tin walls surrounded by barrels of wine puts you in your place of where you are and what goes on in the area. I also couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous vintage decor! The menu was well-rounded and offerings of the locally produced wine was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Have a look at some of the photos I took while I was there.



As seen in the above, even from the toilet seat, there’s a surreal view! There were little chooks running around who supply the eggs and all the other produce is supplied within a 200km radius!

I was very impressed with this venue and I’m sure anyone who enters the grounds will have their hearts taken by the unique location. I would highly recommend stopping by if you are going to Geelong for a weekend as its only a 20minute ride from the city centre.

Address: 2490 Midland Highway
Bannockburn 3331
Phone: (61) 3 5281 7274
They have Facebook & Instagram :)

Well, I hope you like the pictures I took! Let me know if you’ve ever been here and what you thought of the place.. or even if you had your wedding here? There are some fantastic images and moments captured here as shown on their website! be sure to check it out!

Love Always,