1. A More Personal Me

I was never one for keeping a journal. As a teen, I would get a very pretty notepad and commit myself to writing once a week, which then lead to once a month, and then no writing whatsoever for long periods of time until another new cute notepad comes along. And then the curse repeats. So why am I starting now? I’m not too sure to be honest, but the sole reason I began writing this blog was so  I could document my travels and help my family and friends keep in touch.

The truth is, it became quite unbearable for me to call or Skype people at home in Ireland. Being an extremely emotional human has its downfalls (as you can imagine!). Seeing or talking to loved ones would send me to a deep state of homesick that would last a few days at least. Symptoms like these eventually lead only to little texts here and there and updates via social media but I guarantee that some important people back home don’t even know where I am, where I’m working or what interesting things I may have done, which completely defeats the main purpose of this blog!

Naturally, I’m a closed book. A stubborn bitch! I hate to openly share anything private about myself. But what made me this way? I love hearing about other people’s lives, I ask so many questions to get to know other people. Too many questions. Usually, after I get an answer to a question, I take note of the person I’m talking  to and see will they ask me the same or similar question to get to know me in return. More often than not, I find I’m the only question-asker in the conversation. Is it odd that I take note of this? Is it because you don’t care to ask me the same question in return? And some that do dare ask, why don’t you bother to listen properly? I understand that you probably don’t really give a shit about me and my life (and will probably turn the conversation back to yourself again), but we all know that making conversation with someone else can help raise someone who (you never know) may be depressed? Am I completely mad?!

I do feel it’s important to be partly closed off from sharing personal issues, but today I’ve decided to open up. Just a little! Come into my world, into my mind and my little life. Try to understand my little view on life. Maybe I’ll be a bit whiney in these posts but I’ll try my best not to be. I always try to be positive. But maybe it’s time to be honest instead?

Not everyone has lost touch or unfriended me and to you I admire, I love and I give my all to. Thank you, you know who you are! I know sometimes I’m not easy to deal with ;) It is a big step for me to do this “diary entry” business, to disturb my little neat formal blog posts that I try to make as perfect as possible. But from now on in these numbered posts, you’ll hear my voice as I speak, my thoughts as I think and my life as I live it.

Let’s hope I break the curse and continue with these (very public, slightly intimidating) diary entry’s! I feel it will help me personally and for others to see that I am ok.. I hope you will enjoy reading and don’t be afraid to say if I’m being crazy, or disagree with an opinion I have shared. I’m always up for a challenge!

Love Always,