Crochet Creator- Cute Baby Bunting!


Its been a long, long time since I picked up a crochet needle. My sister Rachel is guarding my beloved equipment back in Ireland, waiting my return. We often create together in a little nook of her house, drinking tea and having ‘a stitch and bitch’. Because I do quite a bit of moving around, I couldn’t be carting around wool and random creations, but I have one artistic output, and that is my Travel Journal, and it comes everywhere with me!

My housemate Andreha was organising a Baby Shower for one of her best friends. She asked me would I like to help in creating little advice cards for the guest to fill out. This is so my thing, so of course I jumped right on board. We were browsing through the arts and craft stores of Griffith when we came across some wool. I suddenly remembered a bunting creation my sister made before and immediately thought it would be very cute to make one for the baby shower or as a gift. Andreha already had a few different crochet hooks, so I got creating!!

I’m very happy with how it turned out. The triangles were very easy to make, they are the same pattern as a granny square. The letters on the other hand were a bit disheartening, but I got there in the end– knowing that people could clearly read B A B Y gave me a confidence boost! The colour scheme is perfect for an Aussie Autumn baby and for a finishing touch I added buttons to each letter for extra cuteness!


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I plan on getting back into more crochet creations when I get back to my sister, so watch this space!

Love Always,

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