Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon 

Sin City, City of Lights, Entertainment Capital of The World, or respectfully know as Las Vegas, Nevada, here’s my interpretation of the city that’s in it.

Las Vegas is definitely a place I will never forget, but I won’t go back there! I wouldn’t call it a negative experience, but certainly somewhat different.. When I walked down the strip for the first time, immediately I thought that Las Vegas is what I’d imagine a playground for adults would be. Themed buildings, dry heat, sex everywhere and most importantly gambling, gambling gambling!! There’s something for everyone here, that’s a given, anything you could think of -ie. learn how to fight a crocodile- you can probably do it in Vegas!

I stayed in The Excalibur hotel. Each hotel in Vegas is themed and the Excalibur is a castle! On the exterior it looks fabulous like a fairytale but inside it was dark, dreary and dungeon like. I didn’t realise that smoking is legal inside the casinos in Vegas, so I was stinking and breathing second hand smoke for the whole four days (too long). Not happy about that. Apparently, the hotels are designed so that you can’t see outdoors and there are no clocks (so you don’t know what time of day it is), there is “fresh” air circulated constantly (to keep you awake), and there is literally everything you need in each hotel (they never want you to leave)! Madness!!


We went to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend, I highly pass on this recommendation also!! If you are ever in Vegas, and you love meat, go to Outback Steakhouse (above Coco Cola building) and you will not be disappointed I promise!! Coming from Australia, we thought it was ironic going to an Australian themed restaurant in America but we couldn’t knock it till we tried it. Seriously, I have never, in all my life, tasted ribs SO good!




Fremont Street

Fremont Street or “Old Vegas” is another gleaming street that completes the Vegas experience. Perhaps a little more crazy than the strip, definately more daring. Think of the strip with girls wearing half nothing looking for tips, then think Fremont street is the naked girl chasing you for a smoke! Absolutely mental! You can zip-line down the street and it’s covered with a digital ceiling so there’s no chance of rain. Stages with DJ’s, musicians and performers are spread out along Fremont, either way, you WILL be entertained here, as long as you don’t take things too seriously!




We came across the Container Park off Fremont and it was literally a breath of fresh air (no smoking allowed)! In here you’ll find some lovely cafes and restaurants with a Giant fire-spitting metal ant greeting you with a mesmerising performance every hour.

To get to Fremont Street hop in a cab and it costs about $25 one way. I feel it was worth going there to see the even crazier side of Vegas!! 


The Hoover Dam

We booked a day tour with Grand Adventures to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. We contemplated a helicopter ride but that was a tad over budget for us and we rather make a day of it. I would recommend the helicopter tour for those with restricted time in the area. The Hoover Dam was interesting and it was a good experience to see it.  



The Grand Canyon

100% the highlight of the Vegas trip was the Grand Canyon. I love natural wonders of the earth and the sculpture of this land is absolutely mind blowing! The height was spectacular and we also went on the sky walk!









On the way back to Vegas our tour guide stopped to see some Joshua trees as this might be the only time in our life to see one! They were cool.




 I highly recommend booking the walking tour with Grand Adventures. The company was very easy to deal with and our tour guide Eric was very knowledgable of the land.

“The Strip”

You would not believe how teeny-weeny the Las Vegas sign is (pic. Below) .. It is literally in the middle of a dual carriage way…


At night, the city becomes alive and thrives among the blaring lights. People walking along the strip living life to the fullest and brings you to think about life, with its different experiences and expectations. The strip at night is exactly what you would imagine it to be. Just like in the movies and music videos, what makes it most magic are the lights glittering from ground to scraping sky..

Be sure to capture the Bellagio water fountain show approximately every 20minutes.


Although Las Vegas was a little less glitz and glam than expected, I’m glad I went, but I wouldn’t go back. As mentioned above, sex is everywhere which leaves a sleazy taste of Vegas left in my mouth. The most annoying part is when the men on the street flick cards of naked women’s to every Tom, dick and Harry. There are families with young kids getting hit in the face with these cards! Waking up with a non alcohol influenced hangover every morning didn’t add to my experience. The atmosphere is extremely dry which I have never experienced before which made my skin and mouth constantly dehydrated..

But after all…. What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas ;)


If anybody reading is thinking of going or planning a trip to Las Vegas, feel free to contact me with any questions or queries. I’m always happy to help!

I went to Vegas in May 2015. Some other places I went to were Hawaii, New Orleans and New York. I came straight to USA after living in Australia for two years and after my States trip I returned home to Ireland.