New Orleans

Some of you may associate New Orléans with the festival of Mardi Gras, but there is much much more than beads and boobies going on in the “Big Easy”.. Think vibrant music scene, southern creole Cajun cuisine, and a city history to keep you exploring through narrow alleys, museums and southern architecture. Welcome to NOLA!

For the first time, I used the accommodation booking website For those of you that are not aware of what Air B&B is, it’s where normal people might have a private property with a spare room and decide to rent it out, mostly at a lower price than hotels in the same area. Have a look at the website to learn more about it.
I stayed on Frenchman Street in the Frenchman House. I thought it was fantastic staying here, it was like a home away from home. That’s what Air B&B is all about!

I find it incredibly difficult to describe New Orléans in a few words.. I took very little photos here but that doesn’t matter! I embraced the jazz culture and the overly positive vibes. You will meet all sorts of people here and that’s the beauty of the city! Whenever anyone asks where was my favourite place on my recent USA trip, my response is always New Orléans!

Cafe Du Mond was by far the busiest café in New Orléans. This is not surprising because they only things they have on the menu are coffee and beignets (donuts). Who would need anything else?

I got to dine in a restaurant on Frenchman Street called Adolfo’s which is one of the highest rated restaurants in the city. It’s italian cuisine, with a cajun-creole flare which will not leave you disappointed! Be sure to get in early as the restaurant is small and fills up very quickly!


You can’t go to NOLA and not get a ‘Hurricane”.. prepare to be blown away! Please take my advice and DONT drink four of these cocktails.. I was never so hung over in all my life..  get the best one in town in Pat O’ Briens, no better bar than an Irish bar for a drop of the pure. Also,check out the piano bar and courtyard here!

 I booked a walking tour of The French Quarter with Free Tours By Foot. The tour lasted about two hours and I got introduced to all the amazing architecture and character filled alleys of the city. The history of New Orléans is very interesting and I highly recommend  booking in with this tour. Its free but be sure to tip the tour guide!


If I had money to burn and space in my suitcase I would have shopped all around me! Vintage shops and antique shops are everywhere. Bourbon street is the most popular street in New Orléans. This is where I got smacked on the booty by girls outside a bar!! There were many bars where girls were working to get paying customers to come inside (if you know what I mean..), but in comparison to Las Vegas, it came across as more harmless and light-hearted than the sleazy ‘Sin City”.. Everyone is so accepting New Orléans for the way that it is, and everyone is in a happy mood and things like getting your nipple pinched outside a bar becomes the highlight of your day! definitely a story I look back at and laugh!!

What adds to the city is the jazz scene. On the first night that we arrived, we walked down Frenchman Street and went into a restaurant for food. By the time we were leaving it was about 10.30pm. While we were dining, a group of jazz musicians had set up camp on the corner of the street directly across the road. Music was blaring from large brass instruments and people were on the street, dancing, blocking traffic without a care in the world. THAT is what New Orléans is about! That is one of my favourite memories. EVER!

Definitely my favourite stop on the way home to Ireland was New Orléans. I’m so glad we decided to go here, and its now at the top of my list of the best places I’ve ever been. Not many people I know have been here and I can’t recommend it enough. If you are like me and like to experience raw culture at its finest, GO TO New Orléans!




If anybody reading is thinking of going or planning a trip to Las Vegas, feel free to contact me with any questions or queries. I’m always happy to help!

I went to New Orléans in May 2015. Some other places I went to were Hawaii, Las Vegas and New York. I came straight to USA after living in Australia for two years and after my States trip I returned home to Ireland.