New York

The City That Never Sleeps” most DEFINITELY lives up to its name! I have never been anywhere where there is as much hustle and bustle. People always rushing around, yellow taxi’s everywhere, everybody beeping their horns in traffic, sirens from police cars are literally non-stop, even all during the night! I’m a country girl, and I have lived in a city before, but I’ve never woken up during the night from noise as much as I have in New York. It was great!

I stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel on East 42nd off Lexington called Seton Hotel. This hotel was perfect location as everything was within walking distance, and including Grand Central Station only five-minute walk away. I stayed in New York a total of seven nights and loved every minute of it!!

In my other “USA Trip” posts I’ve listed the attractions along with photos and a short chat. I’ll do this here too and also my weekly diary and how I utilised my time to fit as much as possible into seven days. Hopefully it will help some of you plan your trip as there’s so much to do in New York it can seem a tad overwhelming. While in New York I thoroughly planned my days the night before, so that I could see most attractions within the proximity. There are probably somethings that I missed along the way, so if you have any further suggestions for other readers, of course leave them in the comments below!

If you know me, you know I love to eat out at nice restaurants. I’ll do my research and find out where’s the best place around along with value for money! I think by the time I got to New York, all motivation was lost and indulged myself in New York fast food.. which was pretty darn good!!
The first place that blew my mind and is definitely revolutionary is ShakeShack. This is a burger joint and the burgers were the best burgers I’ve tasted in a long time from a fast food place!
Although they are highly famous for the cheesecake, I had buffalo wings from Juniors.. They are definitely giving TGI-Fridays a run for their money. Actually I went to TGI Fridays on 5th Avenue and it wasn’t good at all! But back to Buffalo wings, I love them spicy! and that they were at Juniors!
Shake Shack and Juniors both have different locations around the city but head to the dining concourse of Grand Central Terminal and you’ll find them both there! along with many other good food joints!
Pizza is everywhere and the portions are massive! One slice of pizza for $1.99 would definitely fill you up for lunch! Pizza is a must while in New York!
Starbucks is everywhere. I would almost think there is at least one Starbucks on every block of Manhattan! at least Starbucks is generic (like McDonald’s) so at least you know what you’re getting.



Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island   

We had our day planned out and there was no changing our plan! The morning was foggy. So foggy that I felt so bad for the people who would’ve bought Liberty Pedestal tickets months in advance, and they wouldn’t have seen a thing!

Eventually the fog started clearing up and the view of the Manhattan became a bit more recognisable.




 9/11 Memorial

The atmosphere is absolutely chilling at the 9/11 memorial. If you know me, you don’t even have to ask, you will know that I cried when I got there. Absolutely stunned with emotion to try and think about being in that exact area when the twin towers collapsed..

The memorial itself is very tranquil. Flowers were placed across names on the placards and the bottomless waterfall was a gorgeous tribute. I should’ve known better to bring tissues!!



 Empire State Building  

There are a few buildings in New York where you can go up to the top and peer out over the entire city. I chose to go do it in the Empire State Building.

I highly recommend paying the extra bucks to go to the 102nd floor. You will see when you get there..







 Rockefeller Centre  

Make sure to pop in while your browsing the shops on 5th Avenue!


The High Line and Chelsea Market

A lovely walk over the old railway line of the city. Well worth the trek!

At the end of the walk are the Chelsea Markets. You will definitely find some note-worthy New York exclusives in here!   



Central Park  

Its huge! I didn’t get a chance to explore everywhere but I loved what I did see. An unforgettable atmosphere..

LOL at the guy walking the dog!!




 Brookelyn Bridge  

Has to be done!   


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Times Square 

Don’t miss out on a broadway show! I got to see Finding Neverland! You can get cheap last-minute tickets if you go to Times Square early.. make sure you are there EARLY! The ques are absolutely nuts..

I went to Times Square on my last night to say farewell and it was magical.       
Day to Day- One Week Plan

Day 1: Checked into the Seton hotel. Went for a walk around the area to see where everything is located nearby.
Day 2: Times Square- Central Park- Broadway show- Dinner
Day 3: Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island – 911 Memorial- Century 21- Soho
Day 4: Shopping
Day 5: Empire State Building- Metro Museum- Central Park- 5th avenue
Day 6: Brooklyn Bridge – Century 21
Day 7: High Line- Chelsea Market- Times Square for last night of New York

Looking back at my week plan, seems like a did a whole heap of shopping.. I did get a good few bits alright! The outlet shop called Century 21 was brilliant. There are a few other outlet shops around that are outside the city are supposed to be good but I was happy with shopping around Manhattan. Sample sales are everywhere and you can check online a list of shops that are partaking. Big shout out to Caroline from Carolines Days for shopping advice, be sure to pop over to her blog and say hi!

It’s difficult to plan in advance, but when you get there everything becomes more clear. When you get your bearings everything falls into place. Time and time again, I fall back on Google as my favourite utility to use to plan and search. For me, this applies to every city I visit.

New York is defiantly not a relaxing break away. Your going to walk your feet off day in, day out so make sure to wear comfortable shoes! I loved the feeling of being tired at the end of the day and knowing it was worth every bit of energy.

New York, you were amazing, thank you for being so kind x

Next stop.. HOME <3


Have you been to New York recently? Let me know in the comments below what you liked about it. Anything I Missed? feel free to make any suggestions on things to do etc. <3