Winter Vintage with Wear We Wander

A few months back I was attending a vintage fashion show and I got to meet the lovely Bonnie from Wear we Wander. Let me tell you a little more about Wear We Wander..

Wear We Wander


Wear We Wander is an Irish fashion label based on a fusion of ethics and aesthetics. No Sweat, Just Sparkle is the phrase used to describe the production of each item. I love it! Bonnie has traveled back and forth to Bali many times. In Bali, Bonnie has set up base camp where she can source where each individual item has been made. Bonnie ensures that her workers are in a fun and air-conditioned environment where each employee is paid their wage and looked after fairly. This is very important as there are too many sweat shops in the world today and Wear We Wander are hoping to change that fact and get people more aware of where exactly their clothes are coming from.

During the summer Wear We Wander like to showcase festival/bohemian looks and then during the winter the style is changed to vintage. I was so happy to put myself forward and be the face of their winter campaign “Vintage Vixen”.

Vintage Vixen

One fine Monday, Kinsale was calling out for a photo shoot with the fabulous photographer Jakub Walutek. Our location was the fabulous and perfect Old Bank Town House and the sun beamed through the beautiful Georgian sash windows.. Heres a look at the three different outfits I got to model.

Re-Worked Vintage Evening Dress

SONY DSC DSC02541-2 DSC02581-2

Re-Worked Vintage Tea Dress

DSC02689 DSC02757 DSC02698 DSC02711 DSC02738

Re-Worked Lace Vintage Tea DressDSC02503-2DSC02537-2

Each dress above is available to purchase from Devilish Designs By Gina.

Many women in developing countries are forced to leave education at an early age, so to find work and support families, many of these end up working long hours in appalling conditions, for as little as 0.20cent per hour! They have little or no training and no chance of progression, unless they can educate themselves, which most unfortunately most cannot do! Wear we Wander wants to change this, we want women to thrive, to take pride in their work, to enjoy what they do, to excel and be the best they can be, we believe this is a right every women should have. That’s why we are giving 1% of all profits back to the communities in which we produce.  – Wear We Wander

I absolutely loved shooting with Bonnie and Jakub! I adored the outfits and the location was perfect. I can’t wait to collaborate with this amazing team again! Be sure to check out everyone’s links at the bottom of the page.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully I will be writing more topics like these, creating awareness of amazing brands and producing some lovely images along the way.

Until the next time, stay safe everyone…



All photos above were taken by Jakub Walutek
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Location: The Old Bank Town House