M.A.C Technique Workshop – Femme to Feline

M.A.C Cosmetics is a well-known make up brand used worldwide. Their lipsticks hail supreme above the rest along with their long list of famous faces that endorse their brand to create phenomenal products. M.A.C is by far the leading make up brand in todays fashion industry.

I was lucky enough to be invited to M.A.C in Brown Thomas, Cork on Saturday 23rd of January 2016 to attend a “Technique Workshop“. Usually I’m working every Saturday (full-time hairdresser) but thankfully I had booked some random January time off and I was delighted that the workshop fell on this date.

M.A.C Technique Workshop

M.A.C offer intimate workshops lead by highly experienced artists. There are workshops catering for all ages, all races and all sexes –yes guys! there’s a workshop called “Dudes & Dandies” just for you! Learn backstage secrets, master new techniques and be inspired using top of the line M.A.C products.

What Happens on the Day

I was advised to come to the M.A.C counter in Brown Thomas bare-faced to be matched with foundation and concealer.

After that, I was taken to a private room in Brown Thomas where I met MUA’s Kelly, Terry and model Natasha.

There were five of us there attending the workshop, we each got our own vanity station equipped with M.A.C products and brushes to work with.

MAC Workshop

Kelly went ahead and demonstrated the look ‘Femme to Feline’ on Natasha. After each step we had to replicate the look using the techniques advised by Kelly. Terry was at hand to help us answering any questions and helping us with our make up application.

Once the demonstration was completed, we were taken back down to the M.A.C counter to be equipped with products that we loved and learned about throughout the workshop.

MAC Workshop

My Review on M.A.C Technique Workshop

When I walked into the M.A.C counter I was greeted by Kaelin who matched up my skin tone with a foundation and concealer. Kaelin matched me perfectly with Pro Longwear foundation NW15 and Select Cover Up concealer NW15. I have used a few different foundations and concealers by M.A.C before so I was delighted to be getting the chance to try something new.

When I was taken upstairs, I met my fellow students and got greeted with smiles from Kelly, Terry and Natasha. I arrived with my friend Emma, there were two other girls who were early teens and another woman who maybe was in her late twenties  -catering for a broad age group. I was very impressed by the personal vanity stations we each got to work on, and of course equally impressed by the lovely treats that were provided to us!

MAC Workshop MAC Workshop

Before Kelly began the demonstration, she explained to us, that her model Natasha, is in the process of getting laser done on her face. This meant that Natasha had an uneven skin tone and texture in some areas which may have required some extra attention. I was thrilled by this because it’s great to learn how to conceal more heavily in certain areas if needed.

The look “Femme to Feline” consisted of flawless foundation, a simple winged liner and red lip.


I got to learn about many products I didn’t know about already. It was great to use all M.A.C products in the make up look and see how amazing the products last throughout the day.

MAC Workshop

After we were finished doing our own makeup with the new tips and tricks we learned from Kelly, we went back downstairs to pick out our products. I got Kaelin to help me again as she was so lovely to deal with before the workshop. Wanna see what I picked out? Keep reading to see my mini-haul.

Overall, I came away with a very positive experience. I would highly recommend for anyone who has an interest in make up to attend a workshop. Not only do you get to see make up being applied on someone else, but you get to practise there and then with experts at hand to see if you are doing anything wrong and to guide you on how to get your own make up looking flawless. Everyone was so nice and I would definitely love to attend another workshop!

What I Came Away With

Before I go through the products I got let me tell you about the folder we got. It has a few helpful tabs where you can take notes throughout the demonstration, add products to your personal wish list, face charts to practice make up looks and combinations, tips and tricks from M.A.C MUA’s and an overview to Technique Workshops. I found it to be very handy on the day and I will keep it at home at hand to write products in my wish list while watching YouTube!

Now the fun part…


Only You – Ellie Goulding Collection
Smokey Purple

MAC Workshop


Cyber World


Extend Play Mascara


Plum Foolery


Lustre Drops- Ellie Goulding Collection

MAC Workshop


I’m delighted with what I got and I’m looking forward to having a play around with my new products soon. I had a really great day :)
A few people have requested I post more make up looks on my Instagram so I might try to do more of those types of photos. I’m not sure why I feel slightly uncomfortable posting selfies on Instagram but I’ll have to get over it and put up what people actually want to see!

If you would like more information on M.A.C Technique Workshop I’d recommend you approach the M.A.C counter in Brown Thomas and they will give you all the information you need right there. The cost of the workshop is €60 which is fully redeemable on products. 100% worth it!MAC Workshop

Have you ever been to one of these workshops? What did you think of it? I want to know what you thought, make sure to leave a comment below..

Until Next Time,