2. Goodbye.. again

Diary of Anything But Marzipan

No need to panic, I’m not saying “goodbye” to blogging..! However, I’m taking off again. Many of you may know already that I am packing up my suitcase today but this time I’m leaving for Toronto, Canada. I previously spent two years of my life living down under in the amazing country that is Australia. I have been home in Ireland since the end of May last year and Ireland is still not winning me over. I’m not ready to settle down here just quite yet. I will eventually end up here but that date is unknown in the far future..

Why Canada?

Many people are asking me why Canada.. Well, I’ve already done Australia, I can’t get a working holiday visa for USA, and Europe will always be easy to travel to. There are other options out there alright but its time to go to Canada and experience bagged milk and extreme weather conditions. My brother Pa is there too! I will be staying with him while I get set up. Handy. He has lived there since June last year. It will be nice to see him again tomorrow and its nice to have someone who knows their way around the city to give me a tour guide.

Are you excited?

I can’t wait but I’m very nervous. I just hope everything will work out. Theres always the doubts at the back of my mind- will I find a place to live? will I get a good job? will I run out of money? what if nobody can understand my accent and I can’t make any friends?.. But travelling the world is a dream and I love living in a massive city full of opportunity. I could travel the world and see each place weeks at a time but I prefer to experience true culture by giving a city or place at least six months living life as a local would. The true experience. Many people are saying I’m so brave to get up and go and that they would never do it.. yes its scary, but dream big and overcome the fear. It’s a massive step but I know it will be worth it.

What will you gain from being abroad?

Everything. I will come back to Ireland probably broke but the experience in travelling has more value than money ever will. You will only understand if you have immigrated yourself. It sounds totally cliché but travelling really opens your mind, forces maturity and makes you appreciate everything life has to offer.

In what way will Canada be different to Australia?

I promise to be more active here on my blog. I initially set up my blog to document my travels and keep everyone at home up to date. This way I don’t have to constantly repeat myself to everyone I’m talking to. I promise to write more journal type blog post like this one. This is my second entry to my journal posts but hopefully they will pop up more often. Remember when my posts are numbered, they are very casual and personal posts! I’m hoping Canada will be just as successful, if not more successful than my Australian trip. It will be very different but I’ve come very far and I’m excited to see what experiences await in Toronto.

Since I’ve been back in Ireland, my blog has gain more following than I have ever imagined. I have become a part of the blogging community here and I love all the new connections I have made. I’m hoping to continue my growth in Canada and possibly interact with bloggers over there too. If you are living in Toronto, and blogging, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m not sure when I’ll be back again. My next blog post will be created from (hopefully) my own place in Toronto. You can also keep up to date on Snapchat – anythingbutmarz – and through my other social media accounts. I’m a bit behind with blog posts, so many Ireland related blogs are on the way before I begin blogging about Toronto.

I pinky promise that I will write more of these style posts while I am away.

Until the Next Time,

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