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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream hit the market in August 1991. It is a melting blend of many natural ingredients to disperse in many different ways for many different purposes. Gisele Bündchen, Eva Mendes and Cara Delevingne have sworn by this product, so if its good enough for them…

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Product Description

Life takes from the taker & givers to the giver. Above all, let your word be your bond.
Ancient Kamitian (Egyptian) folklore recalls the existence of a miraculous skin cream secretly used by the great sages, mystics, magicians and healers to maintain radiant, healthy smooth and glowing skin.
Directions: Rub a moderate amount in your palms until it takes the form of oil. Apply gently to your skin. Please don’t use if it causes an irritation or abnormal reaction.

My Review

Egyptian Magic sent me this product to review but in no way is my opinion swayed for receiving a product for free

My instant reaction of this product brought me right back to living in Australia. All the Aussies and anybody who lived in Australia, and their mothers, will know about “Paw Paw”. Egyptian Magic reminds me of Paw Paw in the way that it is natural, it works on just about anything, it has the same texture and is literally a life-saver. The Egyptian Magic has no fragrance which is a plus! If you did have a fragrance you like, you could add a drop or two of essential oil to the pot and the ingredients will merge together harmonically.

I have been using this product since November 2016. A little goes a long long way. You scoop out a pea size amount and rub it between your fingers where it transforms into an oil. I have used it in so many different ways, but my favourite way to use it is as a night cream. I’ll never forget the day I woke up and my skin felt so soft! I also used it as an intensive hand treatment over-night. I slathered it all over my hands and put on cotton gloves and when I woke in the morning my hands and nails felt great! I did the same with my feet!

This product has been upgraded from bathroom vanity to bedside must-have. I keep it next to me so when I’m just about to go to sleep, or watching Netflix, I can grab it and my body will thank me in the morning.

There are many uses for this product. I don’t suffer from dry skin but I have no doubt it will be great for those who have dry skin. On the website it lists a few ways to use it that I hadn’t even thought of.. it really is a multi-functional product!

My preferred time to use it is over-night. As I don’t have dry skin, it would not sink in straight away for me, so it was best to give it time to do the work in the am hours. The packaging is great. There is a lot of product in the jar. And those ingredients are amazing, no harsh chemicals or parabens!

So if you’re looking for a natural product that will work for you, your baby, or your best friend, I would recommend Egyptian Magic as an excellent all-rounder choice!

Whats In it?

Chemical Free | Paraben Free | No Artificial Fragrance

With its unique formula, Egyptian Magic Skin Cream contains no additives, added preservatives, parabens or GMO ingredients, instead we utilize the natural preservatives found in our ingredients and are able to provide an effective “healing” balm.


Olive Oil
Bees Wax
Bee Pollen
Royal Jelly
Bee Propolis

Have you used Egyptian Magic before? Love PawPaw but can’t get your hands on it outside of Australia? – Try out this product as an alternative! You can search nearest stockists in Canada and in Ireland you can find it in Boots and Avoca stores.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product!

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