Dramatic Pink Smokey Eye | Valentines Day Inspiration

2017 is going to be my blogging year. It’s my ultimate goal to become a better blogger this year! I got a bit bummed down with YouTube at the end of last year. I invested in two soft box lights, a few tripods and a few other bits and pieces for video recording.. but my videos still didn’t look great. Then I thought it was my camera, and waited until closer to Christmas to potentially invest in a new one.. but then I saw how much the cameras were going to cost, so I went to Cuba instead!

However, at work we have a new ring light now. So, if I add my lighting equipment, along with the work ring light, and natural light coming through the windows (unlike in my basement apartment), this should be the winning combination I have been waiting for!

I have come out with my newest makeup tutorial on YouTube using this new recording method. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Yes, I’m still struggling with editing, it takes me a few days to get it right and it irritates the living shit out of me!! But I get there in the end! So I’m going to make it my business to do more videos! Here’s the first one of 2017..

Valentines Day is upon us. What better way to flatter whoever is looking at you that with some eye-catching makeup! In this tutorial you get to see me wearing absolutely zero makeup for the first time on my YouTube channel. I have never done a “chatty” tutorial either, this is my first one filming in this way. I enjoyed chatting through the look, I feel it ended up being a bit of a lengthy video but hopefully it will be insightful for some! Let me know what you think!

Here are some pictures of the finished look


16731851_10154431812353380_1013182988_o 16732128_10154431812728380_100678580_o

Product List

All INGLOT Cosmetics!

AMC Cream Concealer 58
Under Eye Concealer 95
Freedom System Eye Shadow 373
Freedom System Blush 63
Freedom System Eye Shadow 63
AMC Eyeliner Gel 76
AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 111
AMC Eyeliner Gel 77
71S False Eyelashes

HD Perfect Coverup Foundation 71
Freedom System Sculpting Powder 507
Freedom System HD Highlighter 151
Freedom System Blush 63
AMC Brow Liner Gel 17

Lipliner 855
Slim Gel Lipstick 50

I would like to take a moment to make a comparison to this years look in this post and last years Valentines Day Makeup Looks.. What a different a year makes! I’m grateful of my little blog for documenting my progress!

How do you like this look? I would love to hear your thoughts on my video, especially the lighting.. Does it look ok? How about the chatty approach in the video? How does it come across? I’m looking forward to creating the next video soon!

Please send me any tips on video editing! It takes me FOREVER! :( 

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