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Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics. It is 100% Canadian and boasts many different products from foundation to nail enamel. I first encountered Quo last year (2016) when I first arrived in Toronto. I purchased their eyelashes which I liked and I used them in one of my makeup looks “O.J” last year!

Product Description

Quality brushes deserve special care and the Quo Makeup brush Cleanser in the professional way to preserve the life of your brushes. The specially formulated cleanser quickly lifts away all types of makeup including powder, cream, gel or wax based product for improved hygiene and prolonged brush performance. It restores and maintains your brush’s original beauty

My Review

I have used a few different brush cleaners, this is the first one I have ever gone ahead and purchased. I like to change up my makeup look every single day. One day I could be using bright pinks and yellows, and the next day I’ll want to be neutral Norah. I found it very frustrating trying to clean away any colours on my makeup brushes from the previous day. What I used to do before Quo Makeup Brush Cleanser, I used to swirl my brushes in a piece of tissue/towel until they were relatively clean. This method worked to an extent, but it wasn’t very reassuring. Now that Quo Makeup brush Cleanser is in my life it has changed the ball game for me, ten fold!

How I use it: I spray the cleanser onto a piece of tissue and swirl my brushes around in the substance. You can see the colour of the products coming off immediately and the brush is left looking very clean! The brushes will remain a little bit wet after use, but if you swirl the brush around on a dry tissue/towel afterwards, they are ready for immediate use. The cleanser does not leave a waxy or oily residue when 100% dry.

The cleanser is a clear liquid which is very important. There are other brush cleansers on the market, the first I think of is Cinema Secrets, which is a blue colour. This blue colour has the chance of staining any lighter colour bristle makeup brushes you have. I have heard great things about this brush cleanser too, and I’m curious to try it and make a comparison. There is no staining with the Quo Makeup Brush Cleanser.

There is an extremely strong scent of citrus and after smell of roses ( ..if that makes sense?!) from the cleanser. It is very overpowering. If you are sensitive to smell, I would say avoid this product because it really really is THAT strongly scented.. It does leave your brushes smelling lovely though. Anyone I have done makeup on after using this cleanser compliments the fresh scent from my brushes. I have gotten used to the smell now, but I remember when I first started using the cleanser it really annoyed me!

I put Quo Brush Cleanser to the ultimate test. INGLOT’s AMC Eye Liner Gel 77 is 100% waterproof. If you don’t clean the product away from your brush after using the gel liner, the product goes rock hard on the brush. When the product is stuck on the brush like this it is so difficult to remove! Here’s how Quo Brush cleaner cleaned away my brushes:

As you can see, it’s practically spotless after using the Quo Brush Cleanser!

Next I will show you a fluffy brush with lots of eyeshadow deposited in there..

As you can see, again, the brush is left spotless, without any staining on the bristles. Amazing!

Whats In it?

The ingredients list is quite short.

C11-13 Isoparaffin
Cyclopentasiloxane – Silicone
Ethyl Trisilloxane – Film Former
Limonene – Citrus Scent
SD Alcohol 40
Fragrance (Parfum)


I absolutely love this product! I do still recommend deep cleaning your brushes on a regular basis, but in between washes this product is an absolute must! This is my top recommended brush cleanser (although I haven’t used many other brands, but still!) I have repurchased this product several times now. You can buy it in Shoppers Drug Mart and retails at $12 per bottle.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you. Let me know if you purchase it after reading. I would love to hear your thoughts! As mentioned above, I would love to try out some other brush cleansers for a comparison review, I know of Cinema Secrets, are there any others I should try? Let me know in the comments <3

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