Happy Birthday from Sephora 2017

In case you didn’t know, Sephora gives you a free birthday pressie every year. How fab is that? They are usually sample size mini’s, I still have my Marc Jacobs products from last year so they definitely last quite a while! This year I got some Tarte goodies. Lets have a look at what I got..

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in “Paaarty”

The blush is called “Paaarty” and it boasts that it is naturally solar baked and infused with natural clay from the Amazonian River. It promises to maintain pigmentation and last up to 12 hours.

It’s a really lovely blush. I’ve been using it since I got it. It is very pigmented and very easy to blend. I’ve been using it as an eye shadow some days too and it lasts without creasing on my oily lids. This is not a typical blush I would usually go for. My go-to is a deeper warm blush that I can build up intensity bit-by-bit. This blush forced me to apply quite a bit of blush on the cheek at once and at that, it didn’t look like I was wearing too much blush. It’s really lovely for a more natural look. I have swatches and a selfie of me wearing the blush below.

I love it! I really love the formula. I highly recommend anyone to give these blushes a try.

Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint in “Birthday Suit”

My first impression of this product were really good. I was impressed with the smell and the application of the product. The smell is sweet peppermint and this product applied like butter on the lips. The product does not dry down to become transfer-proof, it remains matte and creamy looking on the lips.

However, when I was looking back on my photo’s I noticed that it was separating and going into the lines of my lips as shown in the photo below. This is easily fixed as you can smoosh your lips together and smoothen it out again. I have worn this product quite a bit the past two weeks and I do really like it. Its a shade that will suites everyone. I feel like it makes my lips a little dry feeling. It’s hard to explain, its like the inside perimeter of my lips feel dehydrated when I wear it after an hour. It doesn’t chap or flake my lips (Woohoo!), they just feel dehydrated. This feeling is a little unexpected because it is such a creamy product. I’m going to keep using it to see if this continues or was I just having an off-day?

Overall, I’m really liking this lip product. I am very curious to try the quick drying transfer-proof lip products that Tarte carry.. and their palettes and mascaras.. I might have to take a trip to Sephora!

Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint

Top- Immediately after application Bottom – After a few minutes of wear it separated slightly

Swatches of Sephora & Tart Birthday Gift 2017


Overall, I’m loving these samples! This is the first time I have tried out the brand Tarte and so far I am impressed! Also I forgot to mention above- these shades are new, specially designed for the birthday gift. Amazing! I need to get my hands on the Shape Tape Concealer! It’s been a product on my list for a while now, but Sephora doesn’t carry it :(

There are no parabens or sulphates in these products.


Thank you Sephora and Tarte for a wonderful gift on my Birthday! Looking forward to next year already.

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PS. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel of me using these products in some makeup tutorials coming up! :)