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I had the pleasure of being selected to try out a mini version of Benefits They’re Real! Double The Lip, BEYOND SEXY lipstick & liner in one. Thank you to Topbox who were sending out samples of this product.


The product is literally a lipstick and a lipliner all built into one product. It is in a lipstick stick packaging and cutely shaped in a teardrop. The tip of the teardrop is the darker shade which is to be used as a lipliner, leaving the rest of the teardrop to perform as a regular benefit lipstick.

Benefit Pink Thrills Review

Pink Thrills


I think so! Once I heard of the concept I immediately thought – Why hasn’t any other brand thought of this before? I have been told, it’s been done before, but I can’t find them anywhere to make a comparison so Benefit wins for me!

A fool-proof product?

I think it is! You literally swipe the product onto your lips in the shape that they are in. if you need more lip liner in any particular area, that’s where the precision of using the tip of the tear from comes in play. Apply one swipe in one direction and you have a perfect ombre lined lip.

Bigger lips?

If you want, you can leave the definition of the two different shades of the lipliner and the lipstick. this will create a slight ombre (depending on the shade). The ombre lip creates more dimension. The darker shade lining the lips will make the lips look bigger, while the lighter shade in the middle will make the lips look more plump. If you wish, you may smudge the product together to get rid of the ombre.. but kinda defeats the purpose of the product! The shade I got Pink Thrills, I feel didn’t have a huge contrast in shade, but I’ve seen other shades in the range looking more intense with a bigger difference between the lipstick and lipliner. Definitely swatch before purchasing if you can! If I get any more I’ll definitely pop them up here for everyone to see!

Benefit Pink Thrills Double The Lip

I received the shade Pink Thrills which is a bright pink. This shade definitely suits my skin tone and helps make my eyes look brighter.

Long lasting product?

This product lasted all day on my lips. It is a very hydrating formula. After a few hours (three-ish), I noticed the shine was starting to wear away. However, there was a stain of the colour left on the lips which I was very impressed with. The “ombre” effect definitely dissipated after about two hours of wear – on an average day that is top-up time! I’m very happy with the long wearing formula.

Well, there must be a negative to the product?

I do feel I have to nit-pick at one aspect. There is one flaw in my opinion. I’m sure Benefit are well aware of this.. The lipstick and lipliner are the same in formula, different in shade. When using this, I found the nib of the tear drop was wearing down much quicker than the lipstick side.. Perhaps this is my bad? I use the lipliner shade to fill in a more “ombre” effect on the corners of my lips and this caused the uneven wear of the product. To fix it back to original shape I’ll have to slice the top of the product, which is an ungrateful waste..

My advice if you purchase, try to use this product evenly so it doesn’t get worn in any particular area too quickly. Learn from my mistakes people!

Swatches of Pink Thrills Benefit Double the Lip Lipliner and Lipstick in one

Swatches! Top – separated lipliner, lipstick. Middle – one swipe, Bottom – slightly smudged together

I love the formula and the concept, but the structure of the product didn’t agree with me. Once I slice an even new layer, I will continue to use the product as I love the shade and the long-lasting colour and moisture.

Have you tried any of the They’re Real lippies by benefit? They retail for CAD$26. I would love to try Criminally Coral next.. Let me know if your thinking if purchasing in the comments below!

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