INGLOT x KCM | Beauty Chameleon Collaboration

INGLOT Cosmetics Canada and trending influencer Krystal Clear Makeup have come together to create the INGLOTxKCM Beauty Chameleon collaboration. Krystal chose 10 colours from the INGLOT Freedom System Eyeshadow collection, and custom designed a Freedom System Palette lid. As well as the palette, the pack comes with a Duraline and a refill remover magnet.

Krystal chose the 10 most versatile colours she felt would fit with a wide range of skin tones. The eyeshadows she picked can be used in a multitude of ways, and if you incorporate Duraline into the use of the palette, you double the use of each individual eyeshadow. In the video below, I used the palette to contour, highlight, blush, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and liquid lipstick. Counting the palette as one item, in total I only used six items to create the makeup in this tutorial. Impressive huh?

Travel friendly?

This palette is defiantly one to take if you want to travel light. It has all the colours you need to create a makeup look perfect for everyday, or even if you would like a pop of colour.

Cost effective?

The Beauty Chameleon retails for CAD$139 and has a value of CAD$160.50 so you’re getting a pretty sweet deal. And you can use my code MARZIPAN on to save an extra 10%! Remember, when you are paying for INGLOT products you are paying for quality. Everything is made in Europe. No Animal testing. The size of the eyeshadow pans go up to 3.2g and are 80-95% colour pigment (a little goes a long long way). The palettes are reusable which means when you run out of one colour, you can remove and replace! I have demonstrated how to remove the eyeshadows in the video below. If you have never tried INGLOT eyeshadows before, I can not recommend them enough. I first discovered INGLOT in 2001 and I fell in love with the eyeshadows immediately!

Use Code MARZIPAN for 10% OFF INGLOT Canada

What else is needed?

Specifically for the KCM Palette, I recommend getting a mixing plate and a spatula for when you need to mix the eyeshadow with the Duraline. It is recommended to gently scrape the eyeshadow out of the pan using a spatula. The mixing tray keeps everything else in your home clean, use it to catch the eyeshadow scratchings, add one drop of Duraline and mix with the spatula. The Duraline evaporates and dries waterproof. The mixing tray is easy to clean using some makeup remover. Always sanitize you mixing tray with 70% alcohol before use, and please for the love of god do not use the back of your iPhones to mix product..!

What else can Duraline be used for?

Duraline can be used in so many different ways. It truly is a miracle product. Holy water! I always have a back up. I think I will do a separate blog post/video on the many uses of Duraline, let me know in the comments if you wanna see it!

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I was given the INGLOT x KCM Beauty Chameleon Palette for reviewing purposes. INGLOT links are affiliate which means if you purchase from, I will get a tiny cut of the sale, and it wont cost you anything extra. That commission will go towards the growth of my YouYube and blog, thank you for supporting me!

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