COVERGIRL Total Tease Mascara

COVERGIRL Total Tease Mascara Review

In this week’s #MascaraMonday post, I present to you COVERGIRL’s Total Tease Mascara, accompanied by unedited swatch photos, and eye-ball close-ups :)

COVERGIRL Total Tease Mascara Review

What attracted me to this product was the unusual wand. I’m usually a fan of the comb-style wands as they coat and separate all my lashes. The concept to tease the eyelashes, as you would tease your hair, to create volume is an excellent marketing strategy. Lets have a look at the wand…

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Wand

So as you can see, one side is fully lined with comb-like bristles and the other side has a bump with a little comb on it.

Lets see how I got on with it..

Covergirl Total Tease Open

My Thoughts

I was thrilled to have received this product in a blogger gift bag at an event. I remember searching for it when it was first released and it was sold out. At that time I had a few other mascaras to test out so I wasn’t rushing to the store for the re-stock. It was always at the back of my mind, and the beautiful Katy Perry adverts on TV would quickly remind me that I needed to purchase it. When I received it I was delighted because I wanted to buy it anyways.

What drew me to the the product was definitely the unusual wand. I love comb wands as I feel they get properly into the base of my lashes. My lashes are very fair and it is noticeable when I don’t coat them right into the lash line. My inner corner lashes are quite short and difficult to coat without getting mascara all over my lids.

The wand is made from a firm rubber material which make the bristles very firm. This is fantastic for separation. This mascara really worked magic for me. I love it! Lets have a look at how it performed…

One Coat

Two Coats

Three coats. On the selfie I have one coat on the eye on the left and three coats on the eye on the right. Feel free to click any of the pictures to see a close-up.

As you can see above, the formula is very buildable. I was impressed with the length and separation after applying the first coat. Two coats was enough for me as it builds up sufficient volume. For reviewing purposes I added a third coat, and it doesn’t look too bad. A little clumpy, but you’d get away with it. I would definitely stop at two coats, as three coats is a little too much lash for me.

Lets have a look at how it lasted with some end of day pictures…

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Review End Of Day Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Review End Of Day Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Review End Of Day

As you can see, the mascara fades ever so slightly. Nothing to cry over though. I have a little bit of fall-out. I’m pretty prone to fall-out and haven’t found a non-waterproof drugstore mascara that doesn’t fall-out throughout the day. I was impressed with the lack of fall-out from the Total Tease. Yes there’s a little, however, it was easily removed as it left dry little flakes. An easy flick away with a cotton-bud and it was gone. It left no dark trail or racoon eyes. After testing out the mascara for about two weeks, the fall-out was pretty consistent.

I have one tiny qualm to complain about. So, the concept is to coat your lashes with the long side and then “tease” them out with the short pointy side. I get it. The short side with the bump is to ensure you have separation and you are able to reach to all the hard to reach areas. This does perform beautifully on the inner corner lashes that I struggle with. However, the fact that this area of the wand is completely covered in product, it often adds product where you don’t need any more. It works in theory, but to separate the lashes you don’t need to add more product, you just need to comb them through with a clean comb. Unfortunately, to resolve this for me, I needed to wipe the wand free of product, then I’m able to separate the lashes perfectly (which I didn’t do in the photo’s above). That is an unfortunate waste. But again, nothing too major to cry about. Surely you know my reviews buy now, I always look for pro’s and con’s to everything.

All around, I really enjoy this mascara. I think it is living up to its hype. I love the concept behind the “tease” and also the fact you tease everyone with your gorgeous lashes while wearing the product.

You can find the COVERGIRL Total Tease Mascara in all major Drugstores retailing for around $10CAD. It also comes in Black-Brown, Brown and Deep Blue. This review was based on the “Black” shade.

I recommend this product! Let me know if you have tried it, what are your thoughts? Next week I will have a brand new #MascaraMonday review, looking forward to sharing my thoughts :) Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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I received this item complementary for reviewing purposes

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