Things I’m Looking Forward to This Month | September 2017

I’m starting a new monthly blog post. At the beginning of each month I’m going to list out the things I’m looking forward to for the month ahead. Why not start a fresh new month on a positive note and focus on positivity. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

Things I’m Looking Forward to In September 2017

Mother Marzipan visits Toronto! My Mom is coming to see me, I’m beyond excited! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Irish born and bred and I moved to Toronto in April 2016 to live here for two years (and hopefully longer). I haven’t seen my Mom in 17 months. I miss all my family of course but I feel like my Mom and I are the same person. She is being extremely brave hopping on a flight (which she hasn’t really done before), I can not wait to show her my life here in TO. This is one reason why I love living in Canada, it’s so close to home. It’s only an eight hour flight to Ireland!

*remind me to manage to get a nice photo of me and Mom together! I couldn’t find any to put in here!*

iPhone 8. I might bite the bullet and get it! If I do, I’m thinking of doing more vlogs on my YouTube Channel. More information on the new model will be released on September 12th so looking forward to seeing what the new phone will feature!


Makeup Masterclass with Liraz. I was invited to attend a super exciting makeup masterclass being held on the 17th of September. Liraz will be covering everything makeup related with demonstrations, as well as an opportunity to purchase from popular makeup brands and of course a gift bag packed full of goodies! If you can’t make it yourself, I will be uploading little snippets throughout the day on my InstaStories (@anythingbutmarzipan) and to view more information on the event click here. Tickets are almost sold out, would love to see you there!

Fall. Yes I say FALL now (instead of Autumn). Living in a different country I have to adapt to these cultural changes. But, fall. Everything about it. Fall colours, fall weather, fall fashion, fall makeup, fall flavours. September 22nd is the first day of fall. Bring it on!

Lets do this September! My vision of the month is quite exciting and I’m sure to encounter even more amazing people, places and events that I don’t even know of yet. Let me know your plans for the month! :)

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