How To STOP Your Eyes From Running and RUINING Your Eye Makeup!

Hands up if you’re a leaky eye sufferer like myself. It’s not fun.

For those who can’t relate, it is an annoyance on so many levels. When the weather is too sunny; leaky eye. Cold weather; leaky eye. People offering you a hanky for your tears; nah, it’s just my leaky eye, but thanks anyways..

When you stop wearing any kind of eye makeup on a daily basis because of your leaky eye, that’s when you know you have a real problem. What’s worse is that it’s usually only one eye, and the other stays perfect. Next day its the opposite eye. Eyes be taking turns..

Next-level leaky eye is when you get that little sore red crack on the corner. Oh, hell no!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. As a makeup artist who likes to share all my tips and tricks, I feel obligated to share with you the solution to our malfunctioning bodily functions.

I present to you, a miracle in a tube, MAC Matte Cream.

MAC Matte Cream

MAC’s Matte Cream’s main objective is to mattify oily areas. It can be worn underneath makeup or on top of makeup to mattify throughout the day. Our intentions are to manipulate this little gem of a product and force it to create dry eyes for hours. Where have you been all my life?!! Before applying eye makeup, dab the teeniest amount where your eyes tend to leak the most. Usually a tiny dot on the outer and inner corner of the eye. If you deceivingly thought you were going to have a good dry eye day, carry some Cream Matte with you and apply to the affected areas when leaks occur, and whoosh! No more leakies!

I purchased my (larger than expected) tube of MAC Matte Cream in MAC Toronto Eaton Centre and it cost $30 Canadian Dollars. Worth. Every. Cent. Upon purchasing, I recommend asking your MAC artist for a sample pot so that you can put some of this miracle product in it and make it purse friendly. You never know when the eye leaking strikes again!

Have you been a sufferer of the leaky eye syndrome? Let me know your horror stories in the comments below. I hope this post has helped you discover a game-changer product. If you’re not a sufferer, you are so lucky! If you do suffer, you are not alone.

Let me know if you have discovered any other products that have helped you prevent a leaky eye. Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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