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My Lash Wish is a Toronto based, cruelty free mink lash company. I recently won a pair of lashes in a giveaway and wanted to chat about them on here. See below details on how you can win, just like I did!

My Lash Wish Flick Off Review

The style of lashes I received are called “Flick Off”. This style (it’s in the name) literally flick off at the ends and taper in towards the inner corner. The lashes are aligned on the band in a cross over style which I really love.

My Lash Wish Lashes Retail for USD $17.99/ CAD $21.90/ EU €14.99


My Review of My Lash Wish False Eye Lashes

You may not know this about me, but I like to wear a lot of makeup. I take pure joy in decorating my face most days. It gives me a lease of life most mornings, and I love when I have extra time so I can take my time, give it my best. Most of the time, when I wear a full beat, I’ll apply false eyelashes. They make the world of difference!

These lashes from My Lash Wish are very nice. I was please to find out that they are a cruelty free company. When the mink hair is naturally derived from the animal it classifies as cruelty free. This is a topic I need to look into a little further to gain more knowledge on how the hairs can be “naturally derived”.

Upon first application of the lashes, I noticed they were very simple to apply. The lash band is quite strong and structured which makes them easy to pop on. With the lash band being so strong it’s easy to snap the band unfortunately. This is not a biggie for me as I’m able to deal with it, but it is something to note for others who would be disappointed if this happened. When I say that the lash band is strong, it’s not too strong to force the lashes to pop away from the lid at the corners. For me, and my application, my lashes never popped up at the corners.

With and without comparison and close-up

I have worn these lashes on several occasions now and they have never been a disappointment in completing my makeup look. I think they are great value for money. I do not have any similar mink lashes in my collection to compare them to. However, I have recently picked up a pair of Velour and Esqido false lashes and the biggest difference is definitely packaging. The packaging for My Lash Wish false lashes is pretty but nothing compared to the acrylic container of a Velour Lash. Then again, you are paying almost double in price for a pair of Velour Lashes. Packaging is not a deal breaker for me as I’m very careful with my products, but for those a little clumsier, I can see them ripping the My Lash Wish box quite easily.

I did not feel the need to trim the lashes to fit the shape of my eye. I wore these lashes with both a basic eye look and dramatic eye looks and they looked beautiful on both occasions.

Makeup Looks Created using My Lash Wish Flick Off Lashes

My Lash Wish are based in Toronto and they ship world wide. I really like these lashes and would love to try out their different styles.

How to Win

I have emailed My Lash Wish to make sure they are still doing lash giveaways, and they are! They pick one winner monthly. All you have to do is sign yourself up to their newsletter (you’ll find the email submission at the bottom of their website) and you are entered into the monthly draw! Easy! Hopefully one of you will win a pair just like I did :)

My false eyelash pile is slowly building up. What are your favourite lashes?

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I won these eyelashes in a giveaway from My Lash Wish.