Le Petit Marseiliais Extra Gentle Shower Crème

Le Petit Marseiliais is a French skin care line that produce many products like body wash, body creams and oils and lots of other related products.

Le Petit Marseillais Shower Creme Blog Review

Within the past few months, Le Petit Marseiliais has been more readily available and you can now purchase the Extra Gentle Body Washes in many drugstores throughout Canada, I’ve personally seen it in Shoppers Drug Mart.

I was sent the Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Crème for review, here’s what I thought.

My Review of Le Petit Marseiliais Extra Gentle Shower Crème in Orange Blossom

My first impressions were positive. The scent that I was using was the Orange Blossom and it smells so divine I want it in a perfume and smell like Le Petit Marseiliais Orange Blossom ALL. Day. Long! To some I can imagine that the aroma might be overpowering, but I don’t mind as it is one of my favourite scents. The Orange Blossoms that they use are actually hand-picked in the mediterranean, fancy!

The product claims to leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised. I noticed sweet almond oil in the ingredients which is a nice touch.

I also couldn’t help but notice the sulfate and parfum ingredients in the body wash. Parfum is an ingredient in which I have been consciously trying to avoid, but then there wouldn’t be as nice a scent.. I would rather have no scent unfortunately. The product foams up a lot! A little goes a long way. This is what triggered me to look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle and I found sulfate (ammonium lauryl sulfate).

Le Petit Marseiliais Shower Creme Blog Review Ingredients

Unfortunately, I had to discontinue using this product as I think it has irritated my skin. I’ve been having a really hard time with my skin and it being extremely sensitive since I moved to Canada. It makes me very sad because it truly is a fabulous product! Even though it says “extra gentle” on the bottle, it wasn’t gentle enough for my weird skin.

Even though I couldn’t continue using this product, I would still recommend trying it out if you don’t have super sensitive skin like mine. It comes in four other scents – Cotton Milk and Poppy, Vanilla Milk, White Peach and Nectarine and Lavender Honey. You get a fabulous 400ml of product for about $6.99CAD

Have you tried out any of the five available Le Petite Marseiliais Shower Crèmes? What do you think?

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