The Beauty Crop

The Beauty Crop is a British brand I recently had the pleasure if discovering. They are a 100% cruelty free beauty brand. Their slogan is “Nutrition Enhanced Colour Cosmetics” and they are inspired to live a healthy lifestyle thus leading to using and producing products enriched with natural ingredients.

My The Beauty Crop Products

The Beauty Crop Product Review

PBJ Smoothe Stick $19CAD

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Sticks

These creamy lip crayons are fantastic! I love the sheer to medium coverage colouring to both the shades. They are very hydrating and they last quite some time on the lips. If you have an issue with the smell of raw ingredients, i.e. the smell of crayons, I would avoid! They really do smell like Crayola.. But I’m not mad about that because that means there are no harsh perfume’s and weird fragrance ingredients in the product.

The Beauty Crop Product Review

PBJ Smoothie Swatches: Top Peach Please Bottom Guava Nice Day

The Beauty Crop Lightening Crew 

The Beauty Crop Product Review

The Lightening Crew Highlight Swatch $15CAD

I was blown away by this liquid highlighter when I first watched it. I couldn’t believe how beautiful smooth the formula really is and it glides effortless onto the skin. Enriched with pineapple and great tea. Use this underneath, mixed in or on top of makeup, or as a highlighting body glow.

The Beauty Crop Blush Duo

The Beauty Crop Product Review

FIG IT Blush Duo $13

I have become slightly obsessed with this blush duo in Fig It. One side is a cream blush and the other side is a powdered blush. I love both sides but I especially love the powdered side, it has a beautiful glow! It is also extremely pigmented and long-lasting on the skin. Enriched with kale, arena berry, pomegranate and papaya. Sounds like a healthy smoothie!

The Beauty Crop Product Review

Swatches: Top – Powder, Bottom – Cream

The Beauty Crop #GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick

The Beauty Crop Product Review

GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick $19

Remember seeing this before? I swatched it during LIPTOBER:

I love the colour of Tickled Pink! Its beautiful. With all liquid lipsticks that dry fully to a matte, it’s going to be dehydrating obviously, but The Beauty Crop did a pretty darn good job on their formula. This liquid lipstick does not get sticky or flake off throughout the day. I love the name #GRLPWR! and the packaging is pretty sweet too. There is a sweet scent to this product.

The Beauty Crop Product Review

I’m delighted to have been introduced to this exciting brand. I love what they stand for and their beliefs on healthy products. Have you heard of The Beauty Crop before or tried any of their products? I want to know your thoughts!

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You can shop The Beauty Crop on their website here.

The Beauty Crop

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