MAC Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skinfinish | Oh, Darling!

MAC Cosmetics has always been a meaningful makeup brand to me. I can definitely claim the brand as my “gateway drug” to the makeup world that I’m currently obsessed with. Growing up, MAC was THE makeup brand to wear, lust over and work for. The beauty world has evolved so much as of late that “Instagram trend” type makeup brands have the current spotlight and may have pushed MAC slightly aside, but MAC are still a part of every makeup artist heart. Anyways, let’s get less emotional..

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish are highlighters that will have you glowing no matter what. There are seven different shades and claim to have a prismatic reflection leaving your face looking luminous. Lets have a look at “Oh, Darling!”.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Oh, Darling! MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Oh, Darling! MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Oh, Darling!

The swatch speaks for itself. I found the imprint in the product to be interesting. Obviously the product design/imprint will disappear over time but I found if you went with the grains of the lines (swipe horizontally) you picked up little product for a more subtle effect and if you swiped vertically against the grain, more product was getting picked up on the brush leading to a more intense highlight.

This is a highlighter that looks super smooth and truly flawless on the skin. It really did last a long time on the skin (claiming up to 10 hours) and I highly recommend trying it out. Oh, Darling did not work too well with my skin tone, I found it a little dark for me and a little too noticeable on my skin. I’m definitely going to try out the other shades, a few catch my eye! Oh, Darling will work best on medium skin tones, or if you’re fair but wear tan, it would be absolutely stunning!

Is there anyone out there that can recommend the nicest MAC highlight that would suit my skin best? I’m sure I can go in to a MAC store and figuring it out myself but I love to hear your opinions. I have Lightscapade, it was my first ever highlighter (that wasn’t a Essence/Catrice eyeshadow).

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