Things I’m Looking Forward to This Month | December 2017

I was very naughty last month and I didn’t do an inspiring “What I’m Looking Forward to in The Month of November Post”. The truth is, I didn’t really have anything major to look forward to. I’ve decided that I didn’t like that decision and I should’ve actively searched for something to look forward to for the month of November.. Anyways, I wont be skipping any more months! November was a great month, it flew past and I can’t believe we are in December already!

The Main Event – Going Home To Ireland for Christmas

I’m so excited I could burst! I will be heading home on the 21st back home to my mainland for a visit. I’ll be back in Toronto for New Years. It will be great to catch up with everybody and do some shopping in Pennys. I must work on a “What I Miss About Ireland” post because there are so many things (mostly food) that I’m looking forward to.

Canon 80D

I got a new camera! I received it at the end of November, so throughout December I’m going to be using it heaps to get to know it. I have already filmed my November Empties video using my new camera. It was a challenge at the beginning getting used to the new settings and features. I’m thrilled with the outcome so far and can not get over the difference between this camera and my old digital camera.

Working with Amazing People

I have been working with a Toronto artist on her up and coming single which will be launched in the new year and I’m excited to be working with her again during the month of December. Once I’m allowed to release more details of course I’ll share it all here! :) Definitely follow me on my Insta Stories for sneak peeks. You can always check out my online portfolio if you are curious to see what work I have done in the past.

Here’s to ending 2017 with a bang and welcoming 2018 with open arms! What are your plans for December?

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