Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette | Swatches & Tutorial

Huda Beauty recently released four “Obsessions” palettes. Coming in a range of “Smokey”, “Warm Brown”, “Mauve” and “Electric” these palettes are the perfect size. To some, the size was quite a shock/surprise but I honestly love that the palette can fit into the palm of your hand. Nobody needs gigantic panned eyeshadows, after all, eyeshadows have an expiry date!

I picked up the Smokey Obsessions Palette and at $35CAD for nine eyeshadows, it’s a pretty good deal.

All nine shadows perform excellently when applied onto the eye. Swatches speak for themselves but I was particularly impressed with the pearl finish shadows.

There are no names to each of the shades.

Hua Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette

Heres the look I created using the Smokey Obsessions Palette

Hua Beauty Smokey Obsessions Hua Beauty Smokey Obsessions Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions

For more details on how to create this look, watch my YouTube Tutorial

Have you picked up any of the obsessions palette? Would you like if I created more looks using any particular palettes? Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)

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Hua Beauty Smokey Obsessions