Things I’m Looking Forward to This Month | January 2018

Happy New Year! Thank you all for your incredible support throughout 2017. My blog has grown tremendously, I’m so glad that you are enjoying my work. It is my little hobby but I’m so thankful when others find what I do here useful :) Here’s to an even more rewarding 2018!

January for me, is going to be what looks like, a quiet month. One of my busiest months of the year felt like December and I feel I need the month to recover.

Weekly Vlog

I will be capturing my little life on camera and uploading weekly to my YouTube channel. Make sure to tune in. I work full time so it may not be all fun and games every week but you’ll get a glimpse of my life in Toronto. I have been meaning to cover more travel style, Toronto based posts and this will be my little gateway to doing so.

No Plans, No New Beginnings, Surprisingly!

Usually I feel a sense of “new beginnings” on New Years Day, but this year I didn’t at all.. Which I find strange.. I guess this year has no real plan. I don’t know where I’m going to end up after a few months as my visa for Canada is running out.. Is that a topic you would be interested in me covering more of on the blog? I want to stay in Canada and will be going through a lot to do so. Let me know if you want to come on that journey with me and learn the process.


I guess January will be a month of recuperating. I will be looking back on the previous 12 months to see what I did well and what I can improve on. I haven’t created any goals or resolutions (which usually I do) for 2018 yet.. I feel like the new year hasn’t hit me yet! Maybe I am still tired after my trip away to Ireland.. hopefully the excitement will kick in soon!

Maybe I need some inspiration? Tell me your goals for 2018.

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