MAC Cosmetics Strobe Cream | Pinklite

I got the opportunity to try MAC Strobe Cream for the first time in my life in the past few months. I was well aware of the product previous to owning it but never felt obliged to pick it up myself. It now comes in a range of different shades, I got the original which is called Pinklite.

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MAC Strobe Cream Review

I am very impressed with the ingredient claims boasting green tea and vitamins for super-charged, fresh skin. When I apply the strobe cream onto my face it really does feel cooling and fresh.

MAC Strobe Cream Review

I’m not a fan of the squeezy-tube packaging, I would much rather the control of a pump. I squeeze out too much sometimes with the current packaging and sometimes it hurts my hands to squeeze the bottle. My hands are wimps, FYI.

MAC Strobe Cream Review

I found it slightly difficult to show up the reflect on camera but it is very faint and literally melts into the skin. It first comes out as a thick cream as shown above.

MAC Strobe Cream Review

Use MAC Strobe Cream as a moisturiser, primer, under your foundation, mixed with your foundation, or on top of foundation for a super healthy looking glow. I will always put this product under more mattifying foundations to make sure I don’t look too flat. Please note that if you mix it with your foundation it will dilute the formula to a lighter finish.

MAC Strobe Cream Review

You can see above the beautiful strobe effect and the colour you get with Pinklite. It is a very refined, fine reflect that contains no large particles or sparkles. Perfect for the wintertime if you skin leans dry, and I also recommend it for oily skin types as it is not too heavy (a little goes a long way).

I have been absolutely loving this product on my skin! I will definitely be repurchasing and I want to try some of the other shades. I love the fact that the ingredients is jam-packed full of good antioxidants. I’m not too fond of the packaging or the raw scent the strobe cream carries but I get over those easily for an excellent product.

Anybody else love this product? The MAC Strobe Cream costs $33CAD and you can purchase in MAC stores or stands and online here.

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