ColourPop x My Little Pony Pallette | Swatches & Tutorial

What sparked my original online order for ColourPop Cosmetics was this My Little Pony Eye Shadow Palette. It literally called me from the computer screed. I’m always drawn to colour.. ALWAYS! I have several bright and unusual colour cosmetics in my makeup collection that gets used every now and then, I really need to learn how to stick to more neutral colours because I’ll get more wear out of them.

ColourPop x My Little Pony Palette

I know it might seem really childish to support a product that is based on children’s toys, but it didn’t stop me! I had a few My Little Pony’s when I was a young lady but I was never a huge fanatic. The colours of these eyeshadow really stood out to me and I wanted to try out ColourPop, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

ColourPop x My Little Pony Palette

I always get the theme tune to My Little Pony stuck in my head when I’m using the palette.

ColourPop x My Little Pony Palette

All of the shadows are buttery soft and as you can see above, one swatch gives you piles of pigment.

ColourPop x My Little Pony Palette

Always note that the eye shaodpw names are also on the back of the palette but the shadow name is not directly behind the eye shadow.. confusing for me, for sure! When I’m referring to the palette I use the exterior packaging next to the palette just like in the picture above.

I’ve had quite a while to play around with this palette now and here is my favourite look..

Eye makeup look using ColourPop x My Little Pony Eye makeup look using ColourPop x My Little Pony

Watch my Step-By-Step Tutorial on How To Create The My Little Pony x ColourPop Look

The My Little Pony is LIMITED EDITION but it is currently still in stock.. get your paws on it HERE. I said it once, I’ll say it again. I’m very impressed with ColourPop and their formulations. This palette did not disappoint whatsoever! For $16USD you really can not go wrong! Check out my ColourPop Yes, Please! blog post here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you haven’t checked out ColourPop yet, I highly recommend their eye shadows!

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