I Did Hair & Makeup For A Music Video! Audra Santa – Cruel | Video Launch Party Details

I had the amazing opportunity to work with musician Audra Santa on the upcoming single Cruel. In the music video we had two different looks, one light look and a dark vampy look. Completely different looks! You’ll see what I mean when the video is released :) It was my first time working on a music video and it was so much fun. The video was shot in The Darling Mansion in Toronto which is one of the most quirky homes I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. The Darling Mansion will be hosting the release of the music video and I can’t wait to visit again.

If you ever have a look through my portfolio, you will see I do quite a bit of video work. Doing hair and makeup for video production is a totally different ball game to doing beauty for still photography. I have always worked with Tom Sokalski on the video production and I love assisting him on set when I have a chance in between models. I have a BTS (behind the scenes) video uploaded on my YouTube channel from 2017, I’ll link it HERE so you can check it out.

Audra Santa Cruel BTS

Image by Brandon Edgar Allen

You’re Invited! Cruel Music Video Launch

If you find yourself in Toronto on the 31st of January, consider coming along to Audra Santa’s video release event for Cruel! The Darling Mansion in an amazing location and you’ll be part of all the excitement surrounding the release of a music video!

Audra Santa Cruel Video Release Event

I’m looking forward to the event! Let me know if you’re thinking of going I would love to see you! Tickets for the event cost $10 and you can buy them HERE.. Also get updates on the Facebook events page HERE..

I have a sneak peek video of behind the scenes making of the video..

Video by Tom Sokalski

I love and appreciate the opportunities that surround me in Toronto. I’m grateful I get to work with some of the most talented people residing in this city. I’m obviously extremely passionate about doing beauty and I have always perused it. I could never imagine myself working in a salon for the rest of my life and since moving to Toronto, I have been offered media work left right and center. I remember training to be a hairdresser and always saying I would love to work for a TV station, I feel closer to that opportunity living in this amazing city. Feeling very thankful!

In addition to the music video, I also worked on a photo shoot with Audra for promotional material. These photos were shot by Brandon Edgar Allen, another amazing talent! For the photo shoot we resembled the looks from the music video, similar but slightly different. Audra will be releasing these photos, definitely keep an eye out on her Instagram (go give her a follow ;))

Audra Santa Cruel BTS

Image by Brandon Edgar Allen

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And let me know if you are thinking of going to the video release, it will be a great night! Definitely go check out the many talents I have linked above, there are some amazing artist living among us in Canada!

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