3Days, 3Ways! Explained..

On my YouTube Channel I have started a series called 3Days, 3Ways! The idea came to me when I wanted to start doing foundation reviews on the channel. I usually test out products over a few weeks before I write a review on that particular product and needed to think of a way to merge that into my videos.

For YouTube, the trend in foundation reviews is to review that particular product in one day, with multiple check-ins with updates on the foundation throughout the day.

I wanted to try a different, more thorough route for my channel.

I filmed my first review in December 2017 and it didn’t go so well. I began My foundation review by doing primer on one side, no primer on the other side.. used a sponge on one side, a brush on the other. My aim was to do check-ins throughout the day and do a final review of the product at the end of the night. It was an absolute fail! I ended up filming this foundation over four days trying to make it work in multiple different ways.. When I uploaded the footage to be edited I was equally disappointed with my lack of structure and admired my dedication to my channel’s review.


I needed to create more structure and a review routine that I was happy with sharing with all of my subscribers.

And then I thought of 3Days, 3Ways!

Doing a review over three days is the perfect amount of time. I will show a variety of techniques and combination of products used with the foundation that I will be reviewing. I have combination skin, where I get an oily t-zone and a more dry exterior. Having this skin type allows me to be more versatile in my reviews also which is beneficial to many of my subscribers.

Day 1

  • Use as many same brand products as possible
  • Primer
  • Foundation – applied as recommended by brand
  • Setting Powder – applied all over the face or as recommended by brand
  • No Setting Spray

On day 1 will assess the foundation, the packaging, what it claims to do, the finish and coverage it gives. Day one will be a good day for a more matte finish.

Day 2

  • No Primer
  • Foundation – applied using a different tool to day 1
  • All Cream Products
  • No Setting Powder
  • Setting Spray – recommended by brand

I call Day 2 Minimalist Day. I feel like its the quickest day of all three. Day 2 will be great for those who have more dry skin or if you don’t use many powder products on your skin.

Day 3

  • Primer – different primer to Day 1
  • Foundation – applied using my preferred method
  • Setting Powder – applied in my t-zone
  • Setting Spray

On Day 3 I will have a pretty good idea of how this foundation performs. I will generally asses the previous two days and apply the foundation how I feel it will work its absolute best for my combination skin type.

For each day I will be doing my morning application, and end of evening review. I will not be doing hourly check-ins unless there is a crisis situation happening. If I add check-ins the video’s will get far too long. Who knows, I may not only do foundation 3Days, 3Ways.. What other products could I apply this theme to?

Now that I have created my structure, I will be able to create good content, it will be an equal assessment of all foundations and I hope it will help a broad audience. Yes, I’m giving myself more work to do by doing this process but I’m happy to do it. I enjoy my little blog and YouTube channel so much and hopefully I can help others out with my reviews.

I would love your feedback. Have you any thoughts on my 3-Day structure? Would you do anything differently?

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