Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation & Concealer

I always feel excitement surrounding a launch of a new affordable drugstore foundation. In the past few years, drugstore foundations have seriously upped their game in formula. In Canada, Rimmel are beginning to roll out their newest foundation – Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation.

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I really liked this foundation especially for its light-weight formula. It is not a type of foundation I would generally gravitate towards for everyday wear, but it is one I would definitely grab on the days I want to look like I have barely any make up on, the days I want to look more fresh faced!

The foundation claims to have a air light serum like consistency. I agree as it so soft and creamy on the skin. It’s a consistency I haven’t felt before, its beautiful! It sets quick. I found its best to apply the foundation with its applicator and blend in using a beauty sponge.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation & Concealer

I’m not a fan of the applicator. Not because it’s “unhygienic”, I prefer a pump. I get more control with product distribution with a pump bottle. The product will become “unhygienic” of you do not clean your face properly before application, so it is up to you to keep your product as clean as possible. I would only use this product directly from the applicator on my own skin.

The foundation sets into the skin very quickly. It sets to more a natural matte finish and it truly lasts all day long. I found when testing out both the foundation and the concealer that they last longest when powder finished.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation & Concealer

The concealer has a sponge tip applicator which I also was not a fan of. It is designed for touch ups on the go, but your finger will get the job done. The formula is very light and will give a good highlight under the eyes.

I have previously worn the Rimmel Lasting Finish in the red cap, and LOVE this foundation as it has more coverage. If you find that one too heavy then THIS foundation is the one for you! Also, the Breathable Lasting Finish has the exact same scent as all of other Rimmel foundations – which I love!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation & Concealer

Top – Foundation 010 Light Porcelain Bottom – Concealer 001 Light Ivory

I enjoyed both the foundation and the concealer. They are more natural light-weight finish products, so I would recommend them if that is what you are looking for. I feel if you don’t have too many skin issues and looking for a nice every day, easy to apply, easy wearing foundation then this will be a good one for you. As I said above, I don’t usually gravitate towards a light-weight formula on an everyday basis and that is why these Rimmel products are not reaching a favourite title with me.

The shade foundation I wore is 010 Light Porcelain. I think it was slightly too light/pink for my current skin tone but I still wore it and got away with it fine :)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation will be retailing for $11.99CAN for 1oz and the concealer is retailing for $10.99CAN for 7mls.
As far as I’m aware, this foundation will NOT be replacing the original Lasting Finish foundation with the red cap. I’ve seen many people online saying they are upset that they are changing the formula. I’m pretty sure they are not, the are extending the range with the new Breathable, light-weight version and keeping the Lasting Finish original foundation as it is. Please correct me if I am wrong!

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you want to see me testing out the foundation over three days, watch the video above. Let me know if you’ve tried it, I want to know your thoughts.

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