Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions DUPE with INGLOT!

Here I go again! Two out of four Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes duped. This one is even better than the Warm Browns Obsession dupe I did previously. If this is your first time visiting, INGLOT is one of my favourite brands for eyeshadows.

The Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette retails for $35.

I’m obsessed with the Huda Beauty butter eyeshadows (the shiny ones) they are gorgeous, and best applied with fingertip. Nothing compares to the INGLOT matte eye shadows. They always perform exceptionally! I create dupe posts for some readers who do not have access to Huda Beauty, prefer INGLOT and would like to build a similar palette, and for those of you who only want one or two shades in particular from a pre made palette.

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Duping this palette was a breeze! The Huda butter shadows have a bit more sparkle but these are all pretty close!

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions


Always do your eyes first when using Huda shadows because there is a little bit of fallout. The INGLOT shadows are harder pressed so there is little kick up, the INGLOT shadows are top-notch quality and I highly recommend them.

Send me your palette requests for single eyeshadows below!

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