FaceOff Cloth | Does It Really Work?

The FaceOff Cloth is a special face washing cloth that is designed to remove your makeup with only warm water added to the FaceOff Cloth. This means that you don’t need to use any other products on your skin.


I put the Face Off Cloth to the ultimate test with a full face of makeup! I used the FaceOff Cloth in a recent vlog on my YouTube channel if you would prefer to watch the testing in action:

My Review of The FaceOff Cloth

I was skeptical! I didn’t think this product would work on my lots-of-longwear-makeup wearing face.. I put the FaceOff Cloth to the ultimate test and used it on a day I had my full face of makeup on.

I removed my false eyelashes and ran the water until it got warm. I then soaked the FaceOff Cloth in water and started wiping my face clean. I could see my face being transferred onto the white cloth. When it got to my eyes, I was wearing waterproof mascara and on my lips, a dried in liquid lipstick.


The texture of the cloth against my skin felt unusual, it felt like it wasn’t washing my face very well and almost a dry felt pull on my skin. I felt like my face wasn’t being washed properly, but perhaps this was a psychological matter as cleansing with product usually foams or feel more liquid against the skin and maybe my mind associates this feeling with being clean.

To my absolute surprise, this cloth cleaned my skin much better than I expected. After I was finished cleaning one side of my face, I went over the cleaned side with my usual makeup remover (Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Water) on a cotton round and very little makeup residue came away from my skin.. I was shocked! I was immediately impressed by the FaceOff Cloth!

The FaceOff Cloth didn’t get 100% of my makeup off, but it does cut down on my product use for sure! I must say, it didn’t machine wash very well. My cloth was still stained in makeup. But at least it was cleaned and I often reuse it.

I highly recommend trying it out if you are curious. If you think you want to cut back on product and save some money, this is definitely a great investment to make. The FaceOff Cloth can be found online and retails for $14.99

Have you tried it out, or any similar makeup removing cloths?

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