VLOG Monthly Round-Up | February 2018

It felt like January lasted a year, then February lasted a few days. I can’t believe how quick this month has flown by! Then again, February is a shorter month. Is it like this for everybody? And every year too? I don’t remember it being like this any other year but maybe I completely blocked it out of my mind. Many people are agreeing with me though, so it must not be just me?

January 29th – February 4th | Week 5

I was delighted to have discovered my new go-to nail salon in Toronto. It only took almost two years!

February 5th – 11th | Week 6

A spontaneous start to this week as my friend Siobhan invited me to go to see Irish singer/song writer Mick Flannery. We had lots of fun and it was great catching up. The snow fell pretty hard this week but I powered through with my Canadian Tire boots. I also got my well.ca order with my supplements, make sure to watch to see what I’m currently taking.

February 12th – 18th | Week 7

Trying to make pancakes is the definition of this week! I’ve no idea if its the pancake mix, the pan, or is it my lack of cooking skill, but these pancakes were an absolute disaster! I also demonstrated how to shrink your Invisibobbles back to their original size.

February 19th – 25th | Week 8

This week started out great, it was Family Day in Ontario and I had the day off work. I did the hair for a photoshoot organised by Glamzilla. Then later on during the week I had an event with Dermablend I think I was really having a bad day. Everything seemed to have gone wrong! A delivery cheered me up the next day, an order I placed online for exfoliating foot masks! I’m now in the process of the foot mask, nothing has happened yet, but stay tuned for the first vlog of March for an update.

I’m very grateful for February but I’m glad that it is over. Does anybody else feel the same? There will be quite a bit of news in March for me, so it should be a little bit more exciting. make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see the vlogs uploaded every Monday.

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